New Holland State Side




(2016 New Holland State Country Side)

Representing your state is a great achievement for players within the WACFL network of Leagues. It can not only be the pinnacle of a players career but can also expose younger players to potential opportunities at the higher level.

The WACFL has a proud history of our State Country side competing strongly at a national level.

Each year the WACFL New Holland State Side, plays against either another state in a one off match or particpates in a national carnival.

On 31 July, the WA boys will take on South Australians as a curtain raiser to the Adelaide v Essendon Match at Adelaide Oval.

The Coach for 2016 is Craig Walker (Midwest) and he will be assisted in selection and coaching by Shane Darmody (Midlands), Kane Benson, Raymond Griffiths (Avon).

Craig can be contacted via email





(2016 WA State Team Head Coach - Craig Walker)





(Simon PArry dishes our a handball)