Throwback Thursday - 2013 Thu, May 21, 2020 - 7:37 PM

Landmark Country Championships throwing it back to 2013.

South West took home the hattrick, winning quite comfortably over Great Northern in the A Section Grand Final. South West showing their dominance once again at the championships. Leigh Kohlmann kicked a whopping six goals which contributed to his outstanding performance during the championships where he was awarded the Rising Star Award. It was teammate, Jeff Smith, who took home the fairest and best for the grand final and Leith Teakle from Great Northern took home the Jock Coleman Trophy.

It was a nail biting final in B Section, with the Avon and Ongerup trying to win the Landmark flag. Avon were the winners, holding on to a ten point win despite Dean Rintoul’s four goal contribution for Ongerup, the Avon side were the better team on the day. Scott Siekierka from Avon was named the fairest and best for the grand final and Luke Bairstow from Ongerup was the player of the carnival for B Section and won the Bud Byfield Trophy.

In the C Section decider, between Central Midlands Coastal and Great Southern, Central Midlands Coastal proving once again how dominate their side was with a comfortable 40 point win. Brent Lecras from Central Midlands Coastal kicked a handy three goals and was awarded the Jock Beattie Trophy for player the C section of the carnival, and teammate Matt Yappo winning the fairest and best in the grand final.

Lastly, in the CBH Group Colts Carnival, the South West Football League Colts team defeated Peel with a fine performance. Brayden Prentice from South West was awarded the CBH best and fairest Award for the grand final, and along with the Ken Baxter Medal going to teammate Brandon Jetta. Mitchell Brown from the Northern Suns was awarded the Clem Bray Medal for Colts Developing Player Award.

To contribute to the South West Football Leagues success over the Landmark Carnival in 2013, Coach of the Championships went to Crandon Keddie and the JJ Lussick Award for the umpires went to Anthony Raudino.  

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