Wheatbelt Review

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 12:31 PM

The WACFL has released its Wheatbelt Review on the first day of spring to tackle a number of issues arising within its Club network throughout the region.

The need for the Review was identified throughout the 2017 consultation phase of the WACFL's 2017- 2019 Strategic Plan and aims to invite stakeholders to take a longer term approach to how Club football is delivered in the Wheatbelt in the future, in light of the changes that are occurring in the region.   

The review included a Census (over one weekend in June) which looked at where each team accessed its players and gives Leagues the best opportunity to take a measured look at the health and sustainability of their Clubs.

"The important aspect of the report is that change cannot be ordered from Subiaco, but rather, Leagues and Clubs needed to be the ones that analysed the report and identified opportunities for them to improve into the future." said WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades. 

"There has been a noticeable change in stakeholders views throughout the Wheatbelts (over recent years) around the need to make changes to the game, and I think the time is right to consider where the game might be in ten years’ time, rather than simply taking it one year at a time" 

The Review can be downloaded from the WACFL website http://wacfl.com.au/resources/downloads