WA State Country sides in action

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 11:45 AM

The CBH Group Country Colts and New Holland State Country sides will kick into action over the next two weekends with trail matches against the WA State Academy's and the WAAFL.

This Friday evening, 25th of May at Subiaco Oval will see the CBH Group Country Colts tackle the WA State 16's Academy which will then be followed by the State Country senior side against the State 18's Academy. Bounce down for the Colts is scheduled for 5:15pm with the Sniors to follow at 7:15pm.

The two squads will then regroup the following week with another double header against the WAAFL at Lightning Park in Noranda on Friday the 1st of June. Colts action will commence at 5:40pm and seniors at 7:30pm.

A squad of 28 players has been annouced for the CBH Group Country Colts across both games whilst two seperate squads will be used by the New Holland State Country side.

Please see the below CBH Group Colts Squad.

1 Jack Downsborough EDFL Merredin 25/7/2001
2 Kye Jasper LSWFL Southerners 25/9/2001
3 Jarrod  Salmeri UGSFL Boddington 2/10/2001
4 Lachy O'Shea GSFL North Albany 27/6/2001
5 Taj Williams GSFL North Albany 2/2/2001
6 Thomas  O'Brien SWFL Bunbury 10/12/2001
7 Taj Barnsby LSWFL Southerners 1/8/2001
8 Nicholas Pemberton SWFL Bunbury 2/4/2001
9 Ethan Chick GNFL Northampton 14/10/2001
10 Tom Wolfe GSFL Railways 29/8/2000
11 Jaxon  Egan SWFL Harvey Bulls 28/3/2001
12 Izaiha Humphries SWFL Eaton 27/7/2000
13 Fraser Eaton GSFL Albany 15/11/2000
14 Sam van Diemen LSWFL Bridgetown 27/10/2000
15 Kade Wallrodt SWFL Sth Bunbury 22/3/2001
16 Jack Borchet GFL Railways 17/4/2001
17 Aidin Willis GSFL Mount Barker 14/10/2000
18 Jai  Jackson GNFL Chapman Valley 25/4/2001
19 Michael Wright GNFL Chapman Valley 1/2/2000
20 Hayden Parker GSFL Denmark Walpole 14/6/2001
21 Tanner Perkins SWFL HBL 9/3/2001
22 Darryl  Anderson UGSFL Narrogin 10/2/2001
23 Jack Kennedy SWFL Busselton 23/8/2001
24 Ethan  Nordahl SWFL Sth Bunbury 14/5/2001
25 Kobi Sellar GNFL Railways 23/3/2000
26 Darcy  Rowe GNFL Mullewa 23/4/2001
27 James Ewing SWFL Eaton 22/2/2001
28 Nathan Spooner UGSFL Wagin 30/5/2001