Mixing It Up

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 11:21 AM

Football in the Central Midlands FL and the Mortlock FL will trial something different in 2018 with both Leagues agreeing to Clubs playing "crossover" matches against one another for premiership points.

That's right, in 2018, there will be 10 matches throughout the season wherby a CMCFL Club plays a Mortlock FL Club with the winner taking 4 premiership points to their home competition. 

The idea came about due to consistent issues around byes and long seasons due to the odd number of teams in both competitions. The crossover games will allow all Clubs in both Leagues to play an efficient 14 games over 15 rounds.

In the Central Midlands, the five teams will still play one another three times with each team having a home and away match against the Mortlock whilst in the Mortlock, all seven sides will play one another at home and away with 3 Clubs (Gin Gin, Toodyay and Dalwallinu) playing two matches against the Central Midlands with all other clubs playing just one.

"Having smart fixtures is one of the keys to making football accessable in any competition and I take my hat off to both Leagues for trialling the concept." said WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades.

"It has certainly created some interest and I think it will not only ensure both Leagues are destination Leagues for country footballers, but could be a model used elsewhere if the trial is deemed successful."

As part of the WACFL's Strategic Plan, they will be conducting a review into the overall health of football competitions in the Wheatbelt with sustainability of the Clubs moving into the future to be high on the agenda. 

Another benefit of this trial may be the growth of an 'All Day Sport' model in the Central Midlands as Clubs push ahead with plans to start a female hockey competition to run alongside the Football and Netball Leagues. CMCFL has a strong junior football competition and this may also be of benefit to Mortlock youth wanting to play underaged football. 

"Having families travel as one unit and play their sport together should be what all smaller country towns strive for and early signs are positive for next year." Georgiades said.  

Fixtures for both competitions will be released early in 2018, however a sneak peak of possible crossover games include: -

Match 1 Cervantes v Gin Gin

Match 2 Lancelin v Toodyay

Match 3 Jurien Bay v Dalwallinu

Match 4 Calingiri v Dandaragan

Match 5 Moora v Dowerin Wylie

Match 6 Goomalling v Moora

Match 7 Gin Gin v  Lancelin

Match 8 Toodyay v Jurien Bay

Match 9 Dandaragan v Wongan Ballidu 

Match 10 Dalwallinu v Cervantes

With both Leagues winning Division 2 of the Landmark Country Championships in the past two years, matches should be extremely competitive and are sure to generate plenty of interest from the surrounding communities.