Paid Player Rules

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 8:42 AM
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The WACFL has just passed by-laws regarding the payment of players in Country Football (effective immediately.)

The major components to the Bylaws are:-

  • There is a $3,000 Cap on a team per match 
  • There is a $500 Cap on a player per match unless the player is a player/ coach or deemed a Marquee Player (been on an AFL list, played >50 State League (league) matches or given approval by the WACFL due to exceptional Country achievement)
  • A player who travels >500kms (return) to play in a match can qualify for additional travel money
  • No player is able to be paid a sign on fee
  • No player is able to receive >$100 in best player payments per match

WACFL will carry out Education to Leagues at the AGM, in the Country Club Manual and throughout our 2017 Pre Season Roadshows. There will be Club audits and investigations in 2017.

Clubs found guilty of by-law breaches are liable for a loss of match points and a fine up to $5,000.

Players found guilty of by-law breaches are liable to be suspended up to 10 matches.

The WACFL recommends to all Clubs and Players that they ensure compliance with their legal obligations and seek their own independant financial advice from a qualified professional.

“We believe this will be a significant step in strengthening country football clubs through reducing the inflationary pressures of paid players, equalising competitions, placing the focus on club and talent development and reducing the impost on Football volunteers to fund raise.” WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades said.

To read the bylaws click here

To read the accompanying notes click here