Monday, May 29, 2017 - 1:17 PM



Beverley 14.9 (93) Cunderdin 10.4 (64)

Federals 23.15 (153) Quairading 10.11 (71)

Railways 10.10 (70) Kellerberrin-Tammin 9.6 (60)


Beverley 10.7 (67) Cunderdin 6.5 (41)

Federals 10.9 (69) Quairading 7.8 (50)

Kellerberrrin-Tammin 15.16 (106) Railways 4.6 (30)


Central Midlands Coastal:


Cervantes 15.12 (102) Lancelin 11.9 (75)

Jurien Bay 21.15 (141) Dandaragan 7.9 (51)


Cervantes 12.17 (89) Lancelin 5.4 (34)

Dandaragan 11.8 (74) Jurien Bay 7.6 (48)


Central Wheatbelt:

Mukinbudin 13.8 (86) Nungarin-Towns 9.11 (65)

Kalannie 10.7 (67) Bencubbin 9.12 (66)

Koorda 15.20 (110) Beacon 4.5 (29)


Eastern Districts:


Kulin-Kondinin 19.7 (121) Hyden-Karlgarin 10.13 (73)

Bruce Rock 23.22 (160) Burracoppin 3.2 (20)

Southern Cross 13.5 (83) Nukarni 10.7 (67)

Corrigin 17.10 (112) Narembeen 5.12 (42)


Kulin-Kondinin 17.20 (122) Hyden-Karlgarin 4.4 (28)

Bruce Rock 7.6 (48) Burracoppin 4.3 (27)

Nukarni 16.10 (106) Southern Cross 4.2 (26)

Corrigin 18.10 (118) Narembeen 8.9 (57)



Exmouth Eagles 23.24 (162) Gascoyne 4.2 (26)

Ramblers 25.24 (174) Warriors 2.3 (15)




Kalgoorlie 12.8 (80) Kambalda 10.4 (64)

Railways 7.14 (56) Mines-Rovers 6.9 (45)


Kalgoorlie 27.11 (173) Kambalda 4.2 (26)

Mines-Rovers 11.10 (76) Railways 8.5 (53)


Kambalda 20.13 (133) Kalgoorlie 3.2 (20)

Railways 11.13 (79) Mines-Rovers 2.1 (13)


Great Northern:


Rovers 18.9 (117) Brigades 7.13 (55)

Towns 22.11 (143) Northampton 7.2 (44)

Mullewa 13.9 (87) Railways 12.12 (84)


Rovers 13.10 (88) Brigades 2.4 (16)

Towns 9.4 (58) Northampton 3.8 (26)

Mullewa 3.9 (27) Railways 2.10 (22)


Brigades 20.16 (136) Rovers 3.3 (21)

Towns 14.11 (95) Northampton 1.1 (7)

Railways 15.14 (104) Mullewa 4.2 (26)


Great Southern:


Royals 20.14 (134) Albany 4.8 (32)

Railways 13.11 (89) North Albany 10.13 (73)

Mount Barker 16.15 (111) Denmark-Walpole 8.8 (56)


Royals 15.20 (110) Albany 2.5 (17)

North Albany 14.8 (92) Railways 7.11 (53)

Mount Barker 14.17 (101) Denmark-Walpole 5.3 (33)


Albany 10.6 (66) Royals 8.7 (55)

Railways 6.7 (43) North Albany 3.8 (26)

Denmark-Walpole 15.5 (95) Mount Barker 11.9 (75)


Royals 12.17 (89) Albany 4.1 (25)

Railways 14.8 (92) North Albany 2.3 (15)



Pickering Brook 18.14 (122) Gidgegannup 7.1 (43)

Chidlow 15.9 (99) Mundaring 10.6 (66)

Parkerville 15.16 (106) Mt Helena 12.9 (81)


Lower South West:


Southerners 18.14 (122) Boyup Brook 5.7 (37)

Bridgetown 20.14 (134) Deanmill 9.9 (63)

Imperials 28.19 (187) Tigers 6.7 (43)


Southerners 20.23 (114) Boyup Brook 3.2 (20)

Bridgetown 11.7 (73) Deanmill 2.4 (16)

Imperials 8.15 (63) Tigers 6.5 (41)


Tigers 7.10 (52) Imperials 7.7 (49)

Deanmill 10.4 (64) Bridgetown 6.7 (43)




Dalwallinu 13.15 (93) Toodyay 9.9 (63)

Goomalling 19.8 (122) Calingiri 11.17 (83)

Wongan-Ballidu 11.11 (77) Gingin 5.10 (40)

Toodyay 8.8 (56) Dalwallinu 6.9 (45)

Goomalling 13.14 (92) Calingiri 6.7 (43)

Gingin 14.8 (92) Wongan-Ballidu 4.5 (29)


Newman National:

Tigers 16.7 (103) Centrals 6.5 (41)

Saints 15.13 (103) Pioneers 6.6 (42)


North Midlands:

Morawa 19.12 (126) Corrow-Latham 7.9 (51)

Dongara 24.19 (163) Carnamah-Penjori 3.7 (25)

Mingenew 28.25 (193) Three Springs 9.5 (59)


North Pilbara:


Port Hedland Rovers 16.6 (102) South Hedland Swans 10.8 (68)

Wickham wolves 13.13 (91) Dampier Sharks 7.5 (47)

Karratha Kats 12.12 (84) Karratha Falcons 6.13 (49)


Dampier Sharks 7.8 (50) Wickham wolves 6.7 (43)

Port Hedland Rovers 11.11 (77) South Hedland Swans 9.5 (59)

Karratha Falcons 8.13 (61) Karratha Kats 8.5 (53)


Gnowangerup 20.13 (133) Jerramungup 12.7 (79)
Boxwood Hill 14.6 (90) Newdegate 7.6 (48)
Gnowangerup 11.11 (77) Jerramungup 7.12 (54)
Newdegate 5.12 (42) Boxwood Hill 4.2 (26)


Peel FNL:


Pinjarra 16.11 (107) Halls Head 11.11 (77)

South Mandurah 12.12 (84) Baldivis 11.7 (73)

Centrals 21.11 (137) Rockingham 9.10 (64)

Waroona 10.21 (81) Mandurah 10.6 (66)


Pinjarra 15.6 (96) Halls Head 6.3 (39)

South Mandurah 8.9 (57) Baldivis 1.7 (13)

Rockingham 11.11 (77) Centrals 5.11 (41)

Mandurah 10.7 (67) Waroona 7.9 (51)


Halls Head 15.15 (105) Pinjarra 9.6 (60)

South Mandurah 13.10 (88) Baldivis 3.7 (25)

Rockingham 15.6 (96) Centrals 7.4 (46)

Mandurah 20.14 (134) Waroona 1.4 (10)


Upper Great Southern:


Boddington 19.15 (129) Narrogin Hawks 15.14 (104)

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 13.7 (85) Brookton-Pingelly 7.14 (56)

Katanning Wanderers 33.23 (221) Wagin 5.7 (37)

Williams 13.15 (93) Wickepin 10.6 (66)


Boddington 9.8 (62) Narrogin Hawks 8.8 (56)

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 15.7 (97) Brookton-Pingelly 6.5 (41)

Katanning Wanderers 11.6 (72) Wagin 8.4 (52)

Williams 13.5 (83) Wickepin 1.2 (8)


Boddington 15.9 (99) Narrogin Hawks 5.2 (32)

Katanning Wanderers 13.7 (85) Wagin 3.6  (24)


Narrogin Hawks 12.8 (80) Boddington 3.1 (19)

Brookton-Pingelly 7.3 (45) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 6.7 (43)

Katanning Wanderers 25.23 (173) Wagin 0.0 (0)

Williams 9.18 (72) Wickepin 0.0 (0)


South West:


Collie Eagles 12.20 (92) Busselton 10.11 (71)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 10.4 (64) Donnybrook 9.8 (62)

South Bunbury 13.8 (86) Eaton Boomers 9.8 (62)

Harvey Bulls 16.12 (108) Aug-Marg-River 5.11 (41)

Carey Park 11.3 (69) dw Bunbury 10.9 (69)


Collie Eagles 11.3 (69) Busselton 5.5 (35)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 18.11 (119) Donnybrook 2.3 (15)

Eaton Boomers 11.7 (73) South Bunbury 6.5 (41)

Harvey Bulls 15.14 (104) Aug-Marg-River 10.7 (67)

Bunbury 14.7 (91) Carey Park 9.9 (63)


Busselton 16.12 (108) Collie Eagles 8.7 (55)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 20.12 (132) Donnybrook 2.5 (17)

South Bunbury 6.11 (47) Eaton Boomers 5.10 (40)

Aug-Marg-River 22.15 (147) Harvey Bulls 4.3 (27)

Bunbury 13.10 (88) Carey Park 5.10 (40)


West Kimberley:

Cable Beach 14.13 (97) Towns 7.3 (45)

Derby Tigers 9.14 (68)  Broome Bulls 7.10 (52)

Peninsula Bombers 12.11 (83) Saints 6.11 (47)

Bidyadanga Emus 15.7 (97) Looma Eagles 10.9 (69)

New Holland State Squad vs WAAFL

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 2:35 PM

The WA State Country program continues this Friday night when the New Holland State Country squad faces the WAAFL U23’s in the annual clash for the Kevin Duffy Shield at Fremantle Community Bank Oval.

Friday nights clash will see another 26 players pull on the Gold and Black as Head Coach Craig Walker and his fellow selectors look to introduce several new faces to the program in 2017.

2016 squad members Brad Holmes, Mitch Cavanagh, Lewis Harvey and Jayden Brooks return for the clash which will also see former West Perth forward Joel Leeson and Claremont defender Dylan Ross turn out. 

Great Southern trio Zane Marwick, Daniel Parker and Jack Mcphee are just some of the new faces to that join the squad for the first time.

Boucnedown is at 7:30pm following the CBH Group Country Colts and WAAFL Colts clash.

To follow the match visit  http://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=FIXTURE&compID=455949&c=1-4100-0-0-0

NO. Sname Fname Club League
26 Cavanagh Mitch Cunderdin AFA
34 Laurino James Katanning UGSFL
36 Harvey Lewis Cervantes CMCFL
37 Fetherstonhaugh Bill Corrigin EDFL
38 Melvin Ryan Wickepin UGSFL
40 Doyle Ben Corrigin EDFL
41 Hislop Mason South Bunbury SWFL
42 Gill Mitchell Quairading AFA
43 Dowding Lewis Halls Head PFNL
44 Borrett Blake York AFA
45 Perham Henry Keller/Tammin AFA
46 Cripps Daniel Dalwallinu MFL
47 Leeson Joel Dalwallinu MFL
48 Foote Mitch Koorda CWFL
49 Brooks Jayden Jerramungup OFA
50 Parker Daniel Mt Barker GSFL
51 Wythes Jordan Mines Rovers GFL
52 Ross Dylan Wickepin UGSFL
53 Higgins Corey Toodyay MFL
54 Swallow Jebb Collie SWFL
55 Mcphee Jack North Albany GSFL
56 Marwick Zane Railways GSFL
59 Meadmore Jon South Bunbury SWFL
61 Holmes Brad South Mandurah PFNL
63 Russell Michael Eaton SWFL
  Haydon Andrew South Mandurah PFNL



Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 3:16 PM

Seven matches will take place in regional WA as part of the Landmark Country Championships revised format which is in its second year.  This number is up from six matches last year.

2017 sees the return of the Goldfields Football League who should field a strong side in their return to the Championships since dropping out of the program in 2012.

Regional matches will all take place on Saturday 17 June with games being played in Coorow (NMFL v CWBFL), Merriden (EDFL v Goldfields) Manjimup (LSWFL v UGSFL), Gnowangerup (OFA v GSFL), Moora (CMCFL v Mortlock), Northam (Avon v GNFL) and Mandurah (Peel v SWFL).

WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades was excited by the potential of the regional matches “2017 will be the second year of the Regional trial and we are hoping the excellent fixtures sees some exciting matches and big crowds over the weekend.

Players should all be well aware of the fixturing and if the current state squad is anything to go by, there should be some excellent players putting their hands up for rep footy in 2017.”

All competitions south of Carnarvon will break for the weekend with a number of Leagues also fielding sides at the Great Southern (Kulin) and Northern Regions (Wongan Hills) Colts Carnivals which has matches over Saturday and Sunday.

Following this, all matches head to the metropolitan area with five Colts to fight it out in Mandurah between the 6-8 July with Peel, Northern Regions and the South West taking out the last three Colts titles.

Seniors will play two shortened matches on Saturday 8 July in Perth, with finals to take place on Sunday.  The South West proved it was possible to still make the finals despite losing their Regional Match to Peel last year.  Peel was a dominant force in 2016, but interestingly, a number of their better players are now playing in the South West.

In a first, the WACFL also has plans afoot to host a female ‘Talent ID’ match for some of the best regional female players on Sunday 9 July. The match could prove a great stepping stone for females playing in the country to get on an AFLW team list.

Details of Perth matches will be released at a later date.





Saturday (17/06/2017)


DIVISION 2 (North)

North Midlands v Central Wheatbelt



DIVISION 2 (South)

Eastern Districts v Goldfields




Lower South West v Upper Great Southern



DIVISION 2 (South)

Ongerup v Great Southern



DIVISION 2 (North)

Central Midlands Coastal v Mortlock




Avon v Great Northern




Peel v South West






CBH Group Colts vs WAAFL

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 1:53 PM

The CBH Group Country Colts side that will face the WAAFL Colts this Friday evening has been annouced. 40 players from Country WA attended a Talent Camp and Intrasquad game in late March before the squad for the annual clash against the WAAFL was finalized.

WACFL Operations Manager Brent Sheridan said it was a great opportunity for the young men to showcase their talents. “The aim of the program is to identify and provide an opportunity to young, talented footballers that are living, studying or working regionally to play amongst their own age group.”

“It is always a great contest against the WAAFL and we are looking forward to the guys putting their best foot forward on Friday”

The CBH Group Country Colts side features players 20years a of age and under from the Country leagues throughout WA. Following this Fridays clash against the WAAFL the Country Colts will face the State 16's Academy on June 10th before players turn their focus to their respective leagues and the Great Southern and Northern Colts Carnivals.

Bouncedown is at 5:40pm this Friday at Fremantle Community Bank Oval and will be followed by the New Holland WA State Country Squad vs the WAAFL U23’s.

To follow all the action visit http://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&compID=455950&c=1-4100-0-0-0 

# Firstname Lastname League Club DOB
1 Ryan Bennell SWFL Sth Bunbury 1/1/2000
2 Tom  Baldwin GSFL Royals 31/8/2000
3 Bailey Sanford SWFL Busselton 20/10/1997
4 Jacob Pickett SWFL Harvey 28/7/1999
5 Mitch Henry(Jnr) AFA Keller/Tammin 29/6/2000
6 Tayte Devenny SWFL Busselton 18/7/1998
7 Luke Slater SWFL HBL 2/3/1997
8 Jorden Hooks GFL Boulder 2/5/1998
9 Jethro Namnik LSWFL Tigers 5/19/2000
10 Jai Jackson GNFL Chapman Valley 25/4/2001
11 Jack Davidson SWFL Collie 2/7/1999
12 Dylan Heasman SWFL HBL 21/09/1998
13 Corey Hitchcock GSFL North Albany 8/6/1999
14 Blake  East LSWFL Deanmill 6/8/2000
15 Blake Shanahan SWFL Collie 6/10/1998
16 Ben Watson GSFL Royals 8/8/1999
18 Reece Ralston SWFL Donnybrook 7/2/1998
19 Declan Wellstead GFL Kalgoorlie City 24/9/1998
20 Jordann Ness PFNL Baldivis 27/10/1998
21 Hamish McMorran GSFL Royals 25/5/2000
22 Richard Hamlett GNFL Mullewa 20/10/1999
23 Tom Heenan SWFL HBL 1/2/2000
24 Stewart Davies GSFL Albany 28/11/1998
25 Jake Bloomfield SWFL HBL 29/7/1997

West Coast Poly Player of the Week

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 1:14 PM

The West Coast Poly Player of the Year award’s Round 5 nomination is Josh Bootsma from the Katanning Wanderers Football Club in the Upper Great Southern Football League. Bootsma was part of Peel Thunders historic maiden WAFL premiership in 2016 before relocating to Katanning during the offseason and he hasn’t missed a beat to date this season as his team sit second on the ladder following a 4-1 start to the season. His standout form to start the season saw him selected in the WA State Country sides first trial match against the State 18’s academy in which he was awarded the game ball as best on ground during the WACFL’s Belt Up round.

Bootsma now goes into the running to be named the West Coast Poly Player of the Year with the winner receiving a trip for two to this year’s AFL Grand Final.

West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Week 1: Rhys Waters, Jurien Bay Football Club – Central Midlands Coastal Football League

Week 2: Austin Styles, Imperials Football Club – Lower South West Football League

Week 3: James Venturini, Keller/Tammin Football Club – Avon Football Association

Week 4: Zane Marwick, Railways Football Club – Great Southern Football League

Week 5: Josh Bootsma, Katanning Wanderers Football Club – Upper Great Southern Football League 

WACFL results 20-21 May BELT UP ROUND

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 1:53 PM





Beverley 22.13 (145) Quairading 3.10 (28)

Railways 16.9 (105) York 4.9 (33)

Federals 19.11 (125) Cunderdin 5.12 (42)


Quairading 15.6 (96) Beverley 4.4 (28)

Railways 10.11 (71) York 7.5 (47)

Federals 7.9 (51) Cunderdin 4.10 (34)


Central Midlands Coastal:


Cervantes 15.12 (102) Dandaragan 12.13 (85)

Jurien Bay 29.8 (182) Moora 6.9 (45)


Dandaragan 5.12 (42) Cervantes 5.9 (39)

Jurien Bay 10.10 (70) Moora 5.9 (39)


Central Wheatbelt:

Beacon 9.18 (72) Bencubbin 10.6 (66)

Kalannie 13.15 (93) Mukinbudin 9.5 (59)

Koorda 19.16 (130) Nungarin-Towns 10.4 (64)

Eastern Districts:


Southern Cross 12.8 (80) Corrigin 12.7 (79)

Hyden-Karlgarin 25.8 (158) Burracoppin 6.8 (44)

Kulin-Kondinin 14.15 (99) Narembeen 10.13 (73)

Bruce Rock 13.25 (103) Nukarni 5.2 (32)


Corrigin 25.9 (159) Southern Cross 4.5 (29)

Burracoppin 16.12 (108) Hyden-Karlgarin 3.8 (26)

Kulin-Kondinin 6.6 (42) Narembeen 4.7 (31)

Nukarni 8.9 (57) Bruce Rock 3.3 (21)


East Kimberley:

Wirrimanu Tigers 11.5 (71) Kururrungku Roos 9.8 (62)

Waringarri Crows 11.5 (71) Warmun Eagles 10.8 (68)

Ord River Magpies 15.6 (96) Port Wyndham Crocs 10.3 (63)

Kundat Djaru Cats 9.9 (63) Mulan Saints 6.5 (41)

Bow River Blues 9.4 (58) Kununurra Demons 6.5 (41)


Esperance & Districts:


Ports 10.13 (73) Newtown-Condingup 10.1 (61)


Newtown-Condingup 8.3 (51) Ports 4.7 (31)



Gascoyne 8.5 (53) Warriors 5.1 (31)


Warriors 26.19 (175) Gascoyne 4.0 (24)




Boulder 16.12 (108) Mines-Rovers 12.9 (81)

Railways 9.11 (65) Kalgoorlie 7.4 (46)


Boulder 15.8 (98) Mines-Rovers 13.1 (79)

Kalgoorlie 12.14 (86) Railways 1.3 (9)


Boulder 18.14 (122) Mines-Rovers 5.2 (32)

Railways 12.14 (86) Kalgoorlie 3.4 (22)


Great Northern:


Rovers 16.12 (108) Chapman Valley 12.14 (86)

Railways 18.16 (124) Brigades 10.11 (71)

Mullewa 17.8 (110) Towns 10.13 (73)


Chapman Valley 7.8 (50) Rovers 4.8 (32)

Brigades 8.10 (58) Railways 6.4 (40)

Mullewa 8.8 (56) Towns 7.4 (46)


Chapman Valley 26.12 (168) Rovers 1.4 (10)

Railways 15.2 (92) Brigades 13.8 (86)

Towns 11.7 (73) Mullewa 6.8 (44)

Great Southern:


Denmark-Walpole 14.16 (100) Albany 6.2 (38)

Mount Barker 12.15 (87) Railways 8.6 (54)

North Albany 11.12 (78) Royals 10.10 (70)


Albany 8.9 (57) Denmark-Walpole 7.5 (47)

Railways 10.9 (69) Mount Barker 6.6 (42)

North Albany 4.4 (28) Royals 4.3 (27)


Denmark-Walpole 4.11 (35) Albany 4.8 (32)

Railways 12.15 (87) Mount Barker 3.6 (24)

Royals 7.8 (50) North Albany 5.7 (37)


Albany 10.12 (72) Denmark-Walpole 7.7 (49)

Royals 5.8 (38) North Albany 3.4 (22)


Mt Helena 10.3 (63) Gidgegannup 8.10 (58)

Pickering Brook 26.10 (166) Bullsbrook 5.7 (37)

Chidlow 14.14 (98) Parkerville 11.5 (71)

Lower South West:


Imperials 20.11 (131) Kojonup 11.13 (79)

Deanmill 12.8 (80) Southerners 9.16 (70)

Bridgetown 9.14 (68) Tigers 8.5 (53)


Imperials 8.14 (62) Kojonup 7.5 (47)

Southerners 10.6 (66) Deanmill 5.9 (39)

Tigers 9.10 (64) Bridgetown 9.4 (58)


Deanmill 20.8 (128) Southerners 4.2 (26)

Tigers 6.11 (47) Bridgetown 4.12 (36)




Wongan-Ballidu 14.8 (92) Toodyay 10.13 (73)

Dalwallinu 30.18 (198) Goomalling 3.10 (28)

Dowerin-wylie 15.6 (96) Calingiri 12.13 (85)


Wongan-Ballidu 10.6 (66) Toodyay 8.4 (52)

Dalwallinu 14.6 (90) Goomalling 2.8 (20)

Dowerin-wylie 6.6 (42) Calingiri 4.9 (33)


Newman National:

Pioneers 8.17 (65) Centrals 8.6 (54)

Saints 10.16 (76) Tigers 5.0 (30)


North Midlands:

Mingenew 18.12 (120) Carnamah-Perenjori 6.4 (40)

Morawa 17.9 (111) Dongara 9.10 (64)

Coorow-Latham 18.17 (125) Three Springs 7.7 (49)


North Pilbara:


Wickham Wolves 11.14 (80) Karratha Falcons 9.5 (59)

South Hedland Swans 10.10 (70) Dampier Sharks 9.5 (59)

Karratha Kats 16.11 (107) Port Hedland Rovers 3.5 (23)


Karratha Falcons 14.7 (91) Wickham Wolves 8.7 (55)

South Hedland Swans 16.10 (106) Dampier Sharks 2.4 (16)

Karratha Kats 13.15 (93) Port Hedland Rovers 2.0 (12)




Gnowangerup 23.18 (156) Newdegate 2.7 (19)

Jerramungup 21.11 (137) Lake-Grace-Pingrup 9.10 (64)


Gnowangerup 18.4 (112) Newdegate 11.5 (71)

Jerramungup 25.14 (164) Lake-Grace-Pingrup 0.1 (1)

Peel FNL:


Mandurah 10.12 (72) Halls Head 9.10 (64)

Baldivis 13.9 (87) Rockingham 11.7 (73)

South Mandurah 13.14 (92) Waroona 4.9 (33)

Centrals 6.11 (47) Pinjarra 1.10 (16)


Mandurah 13.6 (84) Halls Head 4.7 (31)

Baldivis 14.14 (98) Rockingham 4.3 (27)

South Mandurah 11.12 (78) Waroona 6.3 (39)

Centrals 7.11 (53) Pinjarra 7.6 (48)


Mandurah 10.7 (67) Halls Head 5.9 (39)

Rockingham 12.8 (80) Baldivis 5.12 (42)

South Mandurah 20.15 (135) Waroona 2.4 (16)

Centrals 10.9 (69) Pinjarra 8.6 (54)

South West:


Collie Eagles 7.15 (57) Aug-Marg-River 4.9 (33)

Eaton Boomers 8.14 (62) Harv-Bruns-Lesch 9.8 (62)

South Bunbury 6.9 (45) Busselton 6.2 (38)

Bunbury 10.9 (69) Harvey Bulls 10.7 (67)

Donnybrook 11.14 (80) Carey Park 8.11 (59)


Collie Eagles 14.12 (96) Aug-Marg-River 2.5 (17)

South Bunbury 5.9 (39) Busselton 5.4 (34)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 6.9 (45) Eaton Boomers 3.0 (18)

Harvey Bulls 12.6 (78) Bunbury 7.14 (56)

Donnybrook 13.3 (81) Carey Park 9.8 (62)


Aug-Marg-River 18.12 (120) Collie Eagles 6.7 (43)

Busselton 8.8 (56) South Bunbury 7.4 (46)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 16.10 (106) Eaton Boomers 6.3 (39)

Bunbury 26.23 (179) Harvey Bulls 1.0 (6)

Carey Park 14.19 (103) Donnybrook 2.6 (18)

Upper Great Southern:


Boddington 12.9 (81) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 5.9 (39)

Narrogin Hawks 14.11 (95) Katanning Wanderers 12.13 (85)

Wickepin 13.13 (91) Brookton-Pingelly 4.4 (28)

Williams 17.14 (116) Wagin 10.9 (69)


Kukerin-Dumbleyung 14.7 (91) Boddington 3.2 (20)

Katanning Wanderers 9.3 (57) Narrogin Hawks 8.4 (52)

Brookton-Pingelly 21.12 (138) Wickepin 2.1 (13)

Wagin 10.10 (70) Williams 2.5 (17)


Narrogin Hawks 12.14 (86) Katanning Wanderers 4.4 (28)

Wagin 15.10 (100) Williams 1.1 (7)


Boddington 7.9 (51) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 6.5 (41)

Katanning Wanderers 7.4 (46) Narrogin Hawks 1.3 (9)

Brookton-Pingelly 12.8 (80) Wickepin 2.8 (20)

Wagin 16.5 (101) Williams 2.1 (13)

West Kimberley:

Towns 17.12 (114) Saints 3.5 (23)

Broome Bulls 8.9 (57) Looma Eagles 8.7 (55)

Cable Beach 10.15 (75) Derby Tigers 9.11 (65)

WA STATE COUNTRY - Trial Match vs State 18's

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:39 PM

The WA State Country program gets under way this Saturday when the New Holland State Country squad faces the State 18s Academy in their first trial match at Claremont Oval.

Head Coach Craig Walker will be looking to continue on from 2016's improved performance as WA chases a long oversize victory over South Australia later this year.

Walker and his fellow selectors will use this Saturday, along with next Fridays clash against the WAAFL, as an opportunity to introduce a number of new faces to the program for the first time.

Former AFL duo Josh Bootsma and Josh Simpson have returned to Country WA and are welcome inclusions to the line up along with former Fremantle and Gold Coast player Greg Broughton who has been playing alongside his brother in Toodyay.

Boucnedown is at 12:00pm.

Bootsma Joshua Katanning UGSFL
Broughton Greg Toodyay MFL
Dann Eddie Baldivis PFNL
Dickie Matt Tigers NNFL
Fullgrabe Kaidyn Keller/Tammin AFA
Griffin Daniel Baldivis PFNL
Hug Kieran Donnybrook SWFL
Jenkins Ben Toodyay MFL
Johnson David Wagin UGSFL
Jupp Braden Northampton GNFL
McAllister Jordan Gibson EDFA
McNeill Bradley Dalwallinu MFL
Nelson Cody Bruce Rock EDFL
Norriss Luke Dalwallinu MFL
Orzel Matt North Albany GSFL
Rohde Drew Jurien Bay CMCFL
Rymer Joshua Railways GFL
Schofield Kim Railway GNFL
Simpson Joshua Mullewa GNFL
Tomelty Gardy Northampton GNFL
Waters Rhys Jurien Bay CMCFL
York Lewis Keller/Tammin AFA

BELT UP ROUND – 20/21 May 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 9:08 AM

BELT UP ROUND – 20/21 May 2017

The Belt Up Round has a special significance for the 12,500 country football players that participate in country football around the state.  Players will take a minute to not only remember the importance of safety on country roads, but also those who have either been injured or lost their lives on country roads.

All league footballs and player uniforms will carry the Belt up logo for this round.

WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades was hopeful this weekend’s fixtures would help make a change to driving behaviour on country roads. “The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA) is our largest supporter which reflects football’s wide-reaching ability to help reduce the number and severity of personal injuries from crashes on country roads.  Every year we hear of players who are injured or lose their lives on country roads and the devastation this causes to people, the community and our clubs is significant.”

ICWA Commission Secretary Kane Blackman said that the Belt up round was an excellent opportunity to promote public awareness about the prevention of motor vehicle crashes to reduce the number and severity of road crashes.

“Unfortunately, our claims statistics from crashes are overrepresented by young men in regional areas. This is consistent with the trend that people in regional areas have more crashes involving personal injuries proportionally than people in metropolitan areas,” he said.

“The financial impact of crashes is also significant, as ICWA spent almost $500 million on personal injury claims from crashes in WA last year. If people have to talk to ICWA they have generally been hurt in an accident. We’d much rather see those people playing sport.”

Last year the Insurance Commission of Western Australia government expanded the motor injury insurance. Previously you were not covered if you were catastrophically injured in a crash and couldn’t identify another driver was at fault. This meant, for example, if your vehicle hit a kangaroo and you were catastrophically injured, you were not covered. It also meant that single -vehicle accidents were not covered.

As of 1 July 2016, our motor injury insurance expanded in Western Australia and registrations increased to ensure we are all covered if we are catastrophically injured in a crash. A crash can happen to anyone on the road. This is a life changing initiative and the WA Country Football League are strongly behind making sure people injured in crashes are provided care. Further information regarding the expansion of the cover please check out www.nowcovered.com.au



West Coast Poly - Player of the Week

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 11:45 AM

The West Coast Poly Player of the Year award’s Round 4 nomination is Zane Marwick from the Railways Football Club in the Great Southern Football League. Marwick has begun the season in typically consistent form to be amongst his sides best at every start, highlighted by a best on ground performance on the back of five majors from the midfield as the Tigers recorded a comprehensive victory. The 2015 Kleeman Medalist as the GSFL League Fairest and Best will play a key role for the Tigers as they look to climb back up the ladder in 2017.

Marwick now goes into the running to be named the West Coast Poly Player of the Year with the winner receiving a trip for two to this year’s AFL Grand Final.

West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Week 1: Rhys Waters, Jurien Bay Football Club – Central Midlands Coastal Football League

Week 2: Austin Styles, Imperials Football Club – Lower South West Football League

Week 3: James Venturini, Keller/Tammin Football Club – Avon Football Association

Week 4: Zane Marwick, Railways Football Club – Great Southern Football League

WACFL Results 13/14 May 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 9:18 AM

WACFL Results 13/14 May 2017




York 13.8 (86) Beverley 12.10 (82)

Railways 17.20 (122) Quairading 11.6 (72)

Kellerberrin-Tammin 15.13 (103) Federals 12.10 (82)


Beverley 14.14 (98) York 2.4 (16)

Railways 8.12 (60) Quairading 4.22 (46)

Federals 7.6 (48) Kellerberrin-Tammin 6.6 (42)

Full AFA match results...


Central Midlands Coastal:


Dandaragan 12.10 (82) Lancelin 11.9 (75)

Cervantes 17.13 (115) Moora 6.13 (49)


Dandaragan 10.10 (70) Lancelin 3.2 (20)

Cervantes 22.17 (149) Moora 3.3 (21)

Full CMCFL match results...

Central Wheatbelt:

Kalannie 17.17 (119) Beacon 9.4 (58)

Bencubbin 18.12 (120) Nungarin-Towns 12.14 (86)

Koorda 18.14 (122) Mukinbudin 7.4 (46)

Full CWFL match results...

East Kimberley:

Warmun Eagles 21.6 (132) Wirrimanu Tigers 4.3 (27)

Bow River 9.5 (59) Halls Creek Hawks 3.4 (22)

Kururrungku Roos 13.9 (87) Kununurra Demons 11.5 (71)

Waringarri Crows 19.8 (122) Yardgee Dockers 9.4 (58)

Kundat Djaru Cats 19.7 (121) Port Wyndham Crocs 3.2 (20)

Ord River Magpies 13.15 (93) Mulan Saints 6.4 (40)

Full EKFL match results…

Esperance & Districts:


Ports 11.14 (80) Gibson 7.8 (50)


Gibson 8.9 (57) Ports 9.2 (56)

Full EDFA match results...



Exmouth 23.10 (148) Warriors 1.4 (10)

Ramblers 24.33 (177) Gascoyne 1.3 (9)


Gascoyne 12.10 (82) Ramblers 7.4 (46)

Full GFA match results...




Railways 17.13 (115) Kambalda 6.7 (43)

Boulder 14.10 (94) Kalgoorlie 3.11 (29)


Railways 15.18 (108) Kambalda 4.4 (28)

Boulder 17.10 (112) Kalgoorlie 2.3 (15)


Kambalda 20.9 (129) Railways 4.7 (31)

Boulder 14.17 (101) Kalgoorlie 3.1 (19)

Full GFL match results...

Great Northern:


Railways 20.9 (129) Chapman Valley 5.5 (35)

Towns 20.4 (124) Brigades 14.11 (95)

Northampton 17.15 (117) Mullewa 14.11 (95)


Railways 7.7 (49) Chapman Valley 7.3 (45)

Towns 10.5 (65) Brigades 3.7 (25)

Mullewa 11.3 (69) Northampton 6.11 (47)


Railways 8.11 (59) Chapman Valley 6.7 (43)

Towns 14.18 (102) Brigades 10.7 (67)

Mullewa 15.13 (103) Northampton 3.5 (23)

Full GNFL match results...


Great Southern:


Royals 15.10 (100) Denmark-Walpole 8.9 (57)

Railways 24.16 (160) Albany 6.3 (39)

Mount Barker 13.11 (89) North Albany 11.11 (77)


Royals 8.2 (50) Demark-Walpole 6.3 (39)

Railways 7.13 (55) Albany 2.7 (19)

North Albany 14.10 (94) Mount Barker 6.4 (40)


Royals 17.14 (116) Denmark-Walpole 0.0 (0)

Albany 12.14 (86) Railways 3.1 (19)

North Albany 21.12 (138) Mount Barker 3.1 (19)


Royals 12.7 (79) Denmark-Walpole 5.4 (34)

Railways 6.8 (44) Albany 5.5 (35)

Full GSFL match results...



Mundaring 19.7 (121) Pickering Brook 4.9 (33)

Chidlow 24.10 (154) Mt Helena 5.8 (38)

Gidgegannup 24.11 (155) Bullsbrook 6.6 (42)

Full HFA match results...


Lower South West:


Deanmill 25.21 (171) Kojonup 6.6 (42)

Imperials 21.15 (141) Boyup Brook 17.4 (106)

Southerners 15.14 (104) Bridgetown 8.8 (56)


Deanmill 20.15 (135) Kojonup 5.10 (40)

Imperials 15.9 (99) Boyup Brook 4.3 (27)

Bridgetown 12.12 (84) Southerners 3.6 (24)


Deanmill 14.19 (103) Tigers 3.6 (24)

Bridgetown 8.8 (56) Southerners 4.5 (29)

Full LSWFL match results...




Toodyay 19.15 (129) Gingin 6.6 (42)

Dalwallinu 7.15 (57) Wongan-Ballidu 3.14 (32)

Dowerin-Wylie 15.19 (109) Goomalling 6.10 (46)


Gingin 7.15 (57) Toodyay 7.8 (50)

Dalwallinu 16.14 (110) Wongan-Ballidu 2.0 (12)

Dowerin-Wylie 5.12 (42) Goomalling 4.6 (30)

Full MFL match results...

Newman National:

Pioneers 11.8 (74) Tigers 6.1 (37)

Saints 12.7 (79) Centrals 9.6 (60)

Full NNFL match results...

North Midlands:

Coorow-Latham 17.6 (108) Carnamah-Perenjori 3.7 (25)

Dongara 14.9 (93) Mingenew 12.8 (80)

Morawa 25.17 (167) Three Springs 3.2 (20)

Full NMFL match results...


North Pilbara:


Karratha Kats 12.9 (81) Dampier Sharks 9.2 (56)

Port Hedland Rovers 15.19 (109) Karratha Falcons 4.1 (25)

Wickham Wolves 14.15 (99) South Hedland Swans 11.2 (68)


Karratha Kats 11.1 (67) Dampier Sharks 7.6 (48)

Wickham Wolves 14.18 (102) South Hedland Swans 5.6 (36)

Full NPFL match results...




Gnowangerup 9.12 (66) Boxwood Hill 6.9 (45)

Newdegate 11.13 (79) Lake-Grace-Pingrup 8.8 (56)


Gnowangerup 20.10 (130) Boxwood Hill 2.0 (12)

Newdegate 14.10 (94) Lake-Grace-Pingrup 6.3 (39)

Full OFA match results...


Peel NFL:


Waroona 8.11 (59) Pinjarra 2.11 (23)

Rockingham 20.9 (129) Mandurah 10.6 (66)

Baldivis 13.12 (90) Centrals 5.6 (36)

South Mandurah 11.9 (75) Halls Head 7.6 (48)


Waroona 11.3 (69) Pinjarra 8.16 (64)

Rockingham 17.3 (105) Mandurah 11.8 (74)

Baldivis 12.12 (84) Centrals 4.5 (29)

Halls Head 10.12 (126) South Mandurah 1.1 (7)


Pinjarra 25.13 (163) Waroona 4.1 (25)

Mandurah 13.9 (87) Rockingham 4.12 (36)

Baldivis 14.10 (94) Centrals 7.3 (45)

South Mandurah 15.12 (102) Halls Head 7.1 (43)

Full PFNL match results...


South West:


Donnybrook 10.10 (70) Busselton 1.11 (17)

Collie Eagles 10.8 (68) Eaton Boomers 7.10 (52)

Aug-Marg-River 7.5 (47) Carey Park 5.3 (33)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 5.13 (43) Bunbury 6.7 (43)

Harvey Bulls 11.9 (75) South Bunbury 7.7 (49)


Busselton 5.11 (41) Donnybrook 5.4 (34)

Collie Eagles 9.11 (65) Eaton Boomers 6.3 (39)

Aug-Marg-River 10.7 (67) Carey Park 5.6 (36)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 9.12 (66) Bunbury 1.2 (8)

Harvey Bulls 11.12 (78) South Bunbury 5.6 (36)


Busselton 11.13 (79) Donnybrook 6.1 (37)

Eaton Boomers 15.12 (102) Collie Eagles 7.5 (47)

Aug-Marg-River 9.11 (65) Carey Park 6.5 (41)

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 14.12 (96) Bunbury 3.7 (25)

South Bunbury 8.5 (53) Harvey Bulls 2.2 (14)

Full SWFL match results...


Upper Great Southern:


Boddington 17.16 (118) Wagin 13.14 (92)

Katanning Wanderers 17.18 (120) Wickepin 7.9 (51)

Narrogin Hawks 23.17 (155) Brookton-Pingelly 19.9 (123)

Williams 20.18 (138) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 10.9 (69)


Wagin 15.17 (107) Boddington 6.6 (42)

Katanning Wanderers 20.11 (131) Wickepin 5.6 (36)

Narrogin Hawks 12.20 (92) Brookton-Pingelly 6.6 (42)

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 3.13 (31) Williams 3.9 (27)


Boddington 18.10 (118) Wagin 2.4 (16)

Narrogin 18.13 (121) Brookton-Pingelly 4.1 (25)


Boddington 9.16 (70) Wagin 0.0 (0)

Katanning Wanderers 28.16 (184) Wickepin 1.1 (7)

Narrogin Hawks 9.13 (67) Brookton-Pingelly 1.0 (6)

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 5.4 (34) Williams 3.3 (21)

Full UGSFL match results...


West Kimberley:

Derby Tigers 18.12 (120) Towns 3.6 (24)

Broome Bulls 16.5 (101) Peninsula Bombers 13.6 (84)

Bidyadanga Emus 26.21 (177) Saints 2.0 (12)

Looma Eagles 12.9 (81) Cable Beach 9.8 (62)

Full WKFL match results...

West Coast Poly Player of the Week - Round 3

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 10:46 AM

The West Coast Poly Player of the Year award’s Round 3 nomination is Keller/Tammin’s James Venturini. In his seventh season since leaving East Fremantle Venturini has hit the ground running and has been a major contributor in his side sitting atop of the Avon Football Association ladder after four rounds as they look to make it back to back flags this season. A seven goal haul on the weekend saw him not only named in the best but also take his season tally to 24 goals following bags of seven and eight in the first two rounds.

Venturini now goes into the running to be named the West Coast Poly Player of the Year with the winner receiving a trip for two to this year’s AFL Grand Final.

West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Week 1: Rhys Waters, Jurien Bay Football Club – Central Midlands Coastal Football League

Week 2: Austin Styles, Imperials Football Club – Lower South West Football League

Week 3: James Venturini, Keller/Tammin Football Club – Avon Football Assocaition


Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 9:22 AM



Kellerberrin-Tammin 16.8 Cunderdin 12.7

Beverley 16.10 Railways 13.8

Quairading 12.8 York 12.5


Kellerberrin-Tammin 10.15 Cunderdin 6.3

Beverley 15.7 Railways 7.12

York 12.10 Quairading 8.7


Central Midlands Coastal:


Jurien Bay 24.20 Cervantes 2.9

Lancelin 22.24 Moora 7.2


Cervantes 14.9 Jurien Bay 3.6

Lancelin 30.19 Moora 0.0


Central Wheatbelt:

Mukinbudin 14.13 Bencubbin 12.5

Koorda 13.8 Kalannie 13.6

Beacon 16.17 Nungarin-Towns 8.6


Eastern Districts:


Narembeen 17.9 Burracoppin 8.2

Corrigin 18.14 Nukarni 7.9

Bruce Rock 21.19 Hyden-Karlgarin 7.9

Kulin-Kondinin 22.14 Southern Cross 10.5


Burracoppin 17.11 Narembeen 2.0

Nukarni 12.3 Corrigin 6.9

Bruce Rock 18.26 Hyden-Karlgarin 0.0

Kulin-Kondinin 22.19 Southern Cross 2.2


Esperance & Districts:


Esperance 18.14 Ports 2.9


Ports 13.5 Esperance 5.1




Ramblers 24.13 Warriors 6.9


Warriors 19.9 Ramblers 3.2




Mines-Rovers 14.11 Kalgoorlie 4.6

Boulder 24.22 Kambalda 3.5


Kalgoorlie 10.9 Mines-Rovers 5.6

Boulder 25.13 Kambalda 5.2


Mines-Rovers 13.8 Kalgoorlie 8.7

Kambalda 11.4 Boulder 10.6


Great Northern:


Brigades 14.10 Northampton 10.5

Railways 19.15 Rovers 7.3

Towns 22.6 Chapman Valley 11.11


Northampton 9.5 Brigades 8.7

Rovers 8.3 Railways 4.5

Towns 11.8 Chapman Valley 3.3


Great Southern:


Royals 8.14 Mount Barker 4.3

Railways 19.12 Denmark-Walpole 12.7

North Albany 20.20 Albany 5.5


Royals 23.9 Mount Barker 2.2

Railways 10.9 Denmark-Walpole 5.6

North Albany 13.13 Albany 7.3


Royals 19.22 Mount Barker 2.3

Railways 11.12 Denmark-Walpole 5.3

Albany 9.5 North Albany 6.6


Railways 12.6 Denmark-Walpole 8.2

Albany 11.15 North Albany 2.1


Mundaring 11.14 Mt Helena 10.8

Chidlow 14.11 Pickering Brook 14.5

Parkerville 18.14 Bullsbrook 6.3

Lower South West:


Deanmill 22.10 Boyup Brook 15.14

Bridgetown 19.24 Kojonup 15.7

Southerners 34.17 Tigers 1.3


Deanmill 17.13 Boyup Brook 2.4

Kojonup 12.8 Bridgetown 8.9

Southerners 24.15 Tigers 3.3


Tigers 12.10 Southerners 9.5

Imperials 11.8 Bridgetown 4.5




Dalwallinu 22.24 Gingin 6.5

Wongan-Ballidu 15.18 Dowerin-Wylie 8.10

Calingiri 16.8 Toodyay 15.13


Gingin 14.7 Dalwallinu 2.3

Dowerin-Wylie 15.12 Wongan-Ballidu 2.4

Toodyay 15.15 Calingiri 4.3


Newman National:

Tigers 16.12 Centrals 3.5

Saints 10.10 Pioneers 6.8


North Midlands:

Corrow-Latham 13.8 Dongara 7.8

Mingenew 18.16 Morawa 15.6

Carnamah-Perenjori 13.7 Three Springs 11.5


North Pilbara:


Dampier Sharks 10.12 Karratha Falcons 4.3

Wickham Wolves 14.13 Port Hedland Rovers 8.6

Karratha Kats 13.6 South Hedland Swans 12.7


Karratha Falcons 12.12 Dampier Sharks 4.3

Port Hedland Rovers 11.9 Wickham Wolves 9.3

Karratha Kats 20.12 South Hedland Swans 2.4


Gnowangerup 18.15 Lake-Grace-Pingrup 8.10
Boxwood Hill 17.11 Jerramungup 3.12
Gnowangerup 19.21 Lake-Grace-Pingrup 1.3


Peel FNL:


Pinjarra 12.8 Baldivis 11.8

South Mandurah 20.18 Rockingham 12.6

Waroona 21.11 Halls Head 7.10

Centrals 21.13 Mandurah 9.6


Baldivis 15.13 Pinjarra 3.8

South Mandurah 19.16 Rockingham 4.4

Waroona 15.7 Halls Head 4.7

Mandurah 19.13 Centrals 10.5


Baldivis 15.12 Pinjarra 8.6

South Mandurah 15.8 Rockingham 7.4

Halls Head 27.16 Waroona 1.5

Mandurah 13.16 Centrals 6.3

South West:


Eaton Boomers 15.9 Donnybrook 7.10

Aug-Marg-River 10.3 Busselton 8.8

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 11.11 South Bunbury 9.10

Harvey Bulls 13.11 Carey Park 7.6

Collie Eagles 14.10 Bunbury 9.6


Eaton Boomers 19.14 Donnybrook 5.5

Harv-Bruns-Lesch 10.8 South Bunbury 4.6

Busselton 8.14 Aug-Marg-River 8.3

Carey Park 11.13 Harvey Bulls 12.6

Collie Eagles 10.10 Bunbury 2.6


Eaton Boomers 8.4 Donnybrook 6.10

South Bunbury 12.12 Harv-Bruns-Lesch 7.8

Busselton 14.7 Aug-Marg-River 8.7

Harvey Bulls 9.10 Carey Park 9.9

Bunbury 26.15 Collie Eagles 2.6


Upper Great Southern:


Narrogin Hawks 17.4 Wickepin 13.18

Brookton-Pingelly 17.18 Wagin 10.15

Katanning Wanderers 29.24 Kukerin-Dumbleyung 6.3

Boddington 15.10 Williams 15.6


Narrogin Hawks 10.12 Wickepin 5.5

Wagin 11.21 Brookton-Pingelly 3.4

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 6.8 Katanning Wanderers 4.8

Williams 19.10 Boddington 3.2


Wagin 8.8 Brookton-Pingelly 5.7

Boddington 20.24 Williams 0.0


Narrogin Hawks 23.13 Wickepin 2.0

Brookton-Pingelly 12.12 Wagin 0.1

Boddington 10.12 Williams 4.1

Katanning Wanderers 14.12 Kukerin-Dumbleyung 2.5

West Kimberley:

Broome Bulls 16.11 Saints 2.9

Peninsula Bombers 17.6 Cable Beach 13.8

Looma Eagles 16.10 Derby Tigers 7.5

Bidyadanga Emus 10.15 Towns 7.5

West Coast Poly Round 2 Winner

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 11:13 AM

The West Coast Poly Player of the Year award’s Round 2 nomination is Imperials Football Club’s young gun Austin Styles. The 19 year old has started the season with a bang, helping his side to an undefeated 4 zip start to the season in the Lower South West Football League as the Magpies look to go one better than their grand final defeat last year.

Arguably best on ground in the past two week, Styles has continued on his fine form from last season which saw him represent the CBH Group Country Colts along with earning best on ground honors in the Lower South West’s victorious Great Southern Colts Carnival win.

Styles now goes into the running to be named the West Coast Poly Player of the Year with the winner receiving a trip for two to this year’s AFL Grand Final.

West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Week 1: Rhys Waters, Jurien Bay Football Club – Central Midlands Coastal Football League

Week 2: Austin Styles, Imperials Football Club – Lower South West Football League

West Coast Poly - Player of the Week

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 8:55 AM

The West Coast Poly Player of the Year award is back up and running for season 2017 with former Subiaco star Rhys Waters earning the Week 1 nomination on the back of a nine goal haul for Jurien Bay in the Central Midlands Coastal Football League on the weekend.

Waters returned to his roots at Jurien Bay this season has showed that he has lost none of the form that saw him notch up 67 games with the WAFL powerhouse. His nine goals in the Bulldogs thumping 129 point win over Dandaragan followed a six goal haul in round one.

Waters is the first player in the running to be named the West Coast Poly Player of the Year with the winner receiving a trip for two to this year’s AFL Grand Final.


West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Week 1: Rhys Waters, Jurien Bay Football Club – Central Midlands Coastal Football League

WACFL RESULTS 8/9 April 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 11:30 AM

WACFL RESULTS 8/9 April 2017



Keller-Tammin 16.17 (113) Cunderdin 5.13 (43)

Railways 15.17 (107) Beverley 2.6 (18)

Quairading 14.16 (100) York 11.9 (75)


Keller-Tammin 13.11 (89) Cunderdin 6.1 (37)

Beverley 12.19 (91) Railways 2.2 (14)

Quairading 12.10 (82) York 3.7 (25)


Central Midlands Coastal:


Cervantes 15.10 (100) Dandaragan 9.12 (66)

Jurien Bay 22.23 (155) Moora 7.7 (49)


Dandaragan 11.14 (80) Cervantes 7.6 (48)

Jurien Bay 13.4 (82) Moora 8.4 (52)


Central Wheatbelt:

Kalannie 5.19 (49) Mukinbudin 7.3 (45)

Koorda 24.11 (155) Nungarin-Towns 14.12 (96)

Beacon 5.10 (40) Bencubbin 3.7 (25)




Boulder 13.13 (91) Kalgoorlie 5.15 (45)

Railways 24.22 (166) Kambalda 3.2 (20)


Boulder 11.10 (76) Kalgoorlie 6.5 (41)

Railways 26.19 (175) Kambalda 0.2 (2)


Boulder 16.11 (107) Kalgoorlie 11.5 (71)

Kambalda 13.8 (86) Railways 6.4 (40)


Lower South West:


Southerners 17.15 (117) Boyup Brook 3.5 (23)

Deanmill 11.12 (78) Bridgetown 8.4 (52)

Imperials 24.13 (157) Tigers 8.6 (54)


Southerners 22.12 (144) Boyup Brook 3.5 (23)

Deanmill 11.5 (71) Bridgetown 5.4 (34)

Imperials 16.12 (108) Tigers 4.3 (27)


Deanmill 9.12 (66) Bridgetown 6.6 (42)

Tigers 12.10 (82) Imperials 7.3 (45)




Toodyay 21.9 (135) Dowerin-Wylie 5.7 (37)

Wongan-Ballidu 11.17 (83) Calingiri 11.8 (74)

Gingin 17.10 (112) Goomalling 5.4 (34)


Dowerin-Wylie 20.9 (129) Toodyay 1.0 (6)

Wongan-Ballidu 17.12 (114) Calingiri 2.6 (18)

Goomalling 5.10 (40) Gingin 5.8 (38)


Newman National:

Saints 13.12 (90) Pioneers 6.5 (41)

Tigers 13.17 (95) Centrals 7.4 (46)


Peel FNL:


Waroona 17.11 (113) Baldivis 13.13 (91)

Rockingham 21.5 (131) South Mandurah 12.8 (80)

Pinjarra 24.13 (157) Halls Head 1.5 (11)

Centrals 26.16 (172) Mandurah 4.6 (30)


Baldivis 19.12 (126) Waroona 3.3 (21)

South Mandurah 9.13 (67) Rockingham 5.6 (36)

Pinjarra 15.13 (103) Halls Head 3.7 (25)

Mandurah 10.9 (69) Centrals 8.8 (56)


Baldivis 21.16 (142) Waroona 4.4 (28)

South Mandurah 7.13 (55) Rockingham 6.10 (46)

Halls Head 12.14 (86) Pinjarra 11.5 (71)

Mandurah 16.16 (112) Centrals 5.6 (36)


Upper Great Southern:


Narrogin Hawks 20.14 (134) Wagin 7.5 (47)

Brookton-Pingelly 16.17 (113) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 5.8 (38)

Wickepin 18.7 (115) Williams 13.7 (85)

Katanning Wanderers 25.22 (172) Boddington 14.6 (90)


Wagin 14.8 (92) Narrogin Hawks 5.6 (36)

Kukerin-Dumbleyung 11.6 (72) Brookton-Pingelly 4.7 (31)

Katanning Wanderers 24.18 (162) Boddington 2.2 (14)


Narrogin Hawks 14.13 (97) Wagin 8.6 (54)

Boddington 26.9 (165) Katanning Wanderers 5.4 (34)


Narrogin Hawks 23.14 (152) Wagin 3.4 (22)

Brookton-Pingelly 14.11 (95) Kukerin-Dumbleyung 1.0 (6)

Katanning Wanderers 21.14 (140) Boddington 1.0 (6)

Guns Head to the Bush

Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 1:26 PM

With a number of country Leagues already up and running and a number of others kicking off this week, a raft of ex AFL players have put in clearances to play in the Country.

There is no name bigger then former Brisbane Lion and Geelong Cat Mitch Clark (pictured) who has lined up at Mundijong alongside three time premiership player with Brisbane Ash McGrath. If Clark can recapture anything close to his AFL form he will strike fear into most backlines in the PFL. Clark eased himself into it kicking three majors in his sides win over South Mandurah.

Former Calton half back Josh Bootsma will no doubt be closely followed by State Country selectors when he plays for Katanning in the Upper Great Southern.  The 24 year old should still have some solid years of football infront of him and could wreak havoc coming out of defence. Another Calton backmen Clem Smith is a surprise pick up for Boyup Brook who look to have recruited strongly for the 2017 season. Smith was a supurb underage talent and is suprisingly couragous despite his smaller frame.

Reliable ex Docker Greg Broughton joins his brother Chad at Toodyay in the Mortlock league and kicked some crucial goals in there season opening win against Dalwallinu on the weekend.

Lake Grace will be the early favourites in the Ongerup with both Jarrad and Mitch Morton at the Club this year joining the reliable Luke Bairstow in the Bombers midfield.

The Avon could be the suprise packet at this years Landmark Carnival if they can field their strongest side with Beverley leading a strong recruitment drive securing quality East Perth big man Josh Smith (pictured) and former Hawthorn listed player Garry Moss.  Smith hasn't played for a number of years so it will be interesting to see how he returns when he takes on Railways this weekend. Railways have recruited former Eagles Premiership player and Subiaco Colts Coach Steven Armstong, Ali Smith returns to the Federals following a year out of football. The Avon should be an extremely close League with all teams looking to field strong sides.

In another surprise, Beau McDonald will be coaching the Dampier Sharks in the North Pilbara and has thrown in a clearance indicating he may have recovered from major knee injuries which have kept him off the park in recent years.

There continues to be some quality WAFL players transitioning to Country football this year with names like Chris Deluca (Boulder), Mitchell Boyle (Geraldton Railways), James Bristow (Gin Gin), Graham Jetta (Bridgetown), Rohan Kerr (Pinjarra), Simon Moore and Rhys Waters (Jurien Bay), David Johnson (Wagin), Joel Leeson (Dalwallinu) all sure to impress in the coming weeks.


Colts Curtain Raiser (Photos)

Monday, April 3, 2017 - 12:48 PM

Darrell Panizza to Coach WA Colts Curtain Raiser

Friday, March 31, 2017 - 2:25 PM

Former Claremont and Albany stalward Darrell Panizza will return to coaching in the WA State Coutry Colts Curtain Raiser at Domain Stadium this weekend.

The WA State Country Colts are selection of 17-19 year old’s from Regional Western Australia. They squad has been selected based of previous performance and commitment to off season talent programs within their region. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for players that are living, schooling and/or working regionally and may either not have the opportunity to transition to Perth or are looking to make the transition into the WAFL season in the coming years. It also provides them with an opportunity to compete with and against talented kids of the same aged.

The Curtain Raiser forms part of the WA Country Colts Talent weekend with sides to be determined as part of the camp.

Panizza said "I'm excited to be back working in the Country Colts program and hope to be able to assist country lads to get the best out of their Football"

Keep an eye on the WA Country Football Leagues Facebook page and twitter account (@WACountryFL) for updated team lists and jumper numbers prior to bouncedown.














Newtown Condingup















Mines Rovers










Kalgoorlie City




















Chapman Valley

























North Albany










North Albany



































Boyup Brook






























Sth Bunbury










Sth Bunbury













































Brookton Pingelly


CBH Group Re-signs

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 10:52 AM

The CBH Group has extended its support of the WACFL until the end of 2019. 

CBH Group funds are used to support League operations allowing 12x Agricultural Leagues to have better run competitions, whilst reducing the cost to players by $10 - $15 per head.

"CBH Group continues to be a great support of country football and having them on board for the next three seasons will allow our Agricultural Leagues to continue to provide country sport in their community" said WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades.

Funds will support the Avon, Central Midlands, Central Wheatbelt, Great Northern, Great Southern, Eastern Districts, Esperance, Mortlock, North Midlands, Ongerup, Ravensthorpe and Upper Great Southern Leagues. 

Funds from the partnership are also channeled into the WACFL's Colts Program which has a talent camp and Curtain Raiser on Domain Stadium prior to the WCE v Saint Kilda match on April 1.

A number of WACFL leagues kick off in the coming weeks with the support of valuable sponsors such as the CBH Group.

Heat Policy

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 3:37 PM

With WACFL preseason matches and training kicking off in March for some Leagues- it is critical that player safety is a consideration at all times. Below is the AFL's Weather Policy around Extreme Heat.

Extreme Heat Heat-related stress can lead to impaired player performance (eg dizziness, headaches, collapse and illness). In its extreme form, heat can be life threatening. Preventing heat stress and injury maintains optimum performance and improves recovery. To prevent heat stress, careful planning and preparation is required in accordance with this section 3.

3.1 Preliminary Assessment The Football Body should assess the heat stress risk by reviewing information provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. Heat stress management strategies should also be applied at all training sessions.

3.2 Onus on Player Players have a responsibility to ensure that the impact of environmental factors such as extreme heat is not exacerbated by their own conduct. Accordingly, the following general guidelines should be followed. (a) Players should: (i) ensure adequate fluid intake prior to game and during game (500-700mls per quarter); (ii) monitor hydration; (iii) notify medical and coaching staffs when effected by heat or when performance is noticeably effected; (iv) use water and electrolyte drinks; (v) use pre-game, game and post-game cooling strategies; (vi) do not play in the heat with an illness; and (vii) apply sun protection factor 30+ sunscreen in sunny conditions.

3.3 Club Responsibility All Clubs competing in a competition administered by the Football Body should monitor environmental factors such as extreme heat both in Matches and at any Australian Football training session administered by the Club. The Club should assess the heat stress risk by reviewing information provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. Heat stress management strategies should also be applied at all training sessions administered by the Club. The following general guidelines should be followed: (a) Clubs should:

(i) use cooling aids if available – ice vests, spray bottles, sponges, fans (in rooms and on interchange bench) and shade;

(ii) choose heat permeable jumpers and socks;

(iii) report incidents of heat stress illness in all players to the Football Body;

(iv) use a Club official to be delegated the primary responsibility of monitoring and manage players for heat stress issues as they arise during a Match;

(v) provide adequate fluids in appropriate bottles;

(vi) ensure trainers are fit enough to access as many players as possible during the game;

(vii) coordinate training times outside extreme conditions; and

(viii) provide facilities for player cooling – shade, air conditioning, sprays and fans whether training or playing. 

2017 Level 1 Coaching Course registrations - Now Open

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 11:28 AM

Dates have been locked away for 2017 Level 1 Coaching Courses in both Metro and Country WA. Level 1 Accreditiation is a requirement for all coaches within Country Football.

For more info regardng the courses contact your relevant Regional Football Development Manager or visit http://www.wafootball.com.au/development/coaches/upcoming-courses/level-1 for more information on courses dates and registration details.

Coaching Update

Monday, January 16, 2017 - 1:21 PM

With the football season just around the corner, the focus will soon go on coaches as they prepare their programs for the upcoming season.

The coach continues to be a critical element to the health of country football and an area the WACFL has identified as one that requires development for the growth of the game.

The AFL's National Coaching Conference is just weeks away and after a successful event in Perth in 2016, this year's event will be held in Melbourne at the MCG from the 3-5 February. 

The Conference covers a range of coaching topics from High Performance to Community Coaching and is a great PD and networking opportunity for any aspiring coach.  For further details click:- 


In 2017, it will again be compulsory for all WACFL coaches to have a minimum Level 1 Coach accreditation at the appropriate level. 

The West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) offers a range of courses to coaches throughout Western Australia to ensure 100% of coach accreditation requirements are met.

All coaches who do not have a current accreditation or have an accreditation that expired more than 24 months ago, must attend an appropriate Level 1 course in any Region.

All coaching courses are $165 and are paid upon registration via debit or credit card.

Click the link to register to a course - 

2017 Level 1 Coaching Courses

NOTE: The courses run for a whole day apart from those split over 2 evenings. If it’s split over 2 evenings, you need to attend both nights. Courses total to 6-7 hours.

  • Auskick (PP – Year 2)
  • Junior (Year 3 – Year 6)
  • Youth (Year 7 – Year 12)
  • Senior (Colts, Reserves and League)

You will receive:

  • Four Year coach accreditation
  • Course Diary
  • AFL Coaching Manual
  • Lunch/Dinner
  • AFL Coaches Card
  • Four Year Australian Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Membership which includes;
    1. Annual pass to all WAFL games (except finals)
    2. AFCA Member Lanyard
    3. Free Access to all AFCA Coaching Seminars
    4. Access to exclusive AFCA events
    5. AFCA Newsletter

Jock Beattie WAFC's Newest Life Member

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 9:58 AM

THE West Australian Football Commission has announced that WAFC Life Memberships will be awarded to long-serving community football identities Jock Beattie and John Davies (WAAFL).

Both will be formally inducted at the annual WAFC Life Members’ Association end-of-year function to be held on Monday, December 5 at Domain Stadium.

Induction to the WAFC Life Members’ Association is regarded as the WAFC’s highest level of recognition, distinct from life membership awarded by individual football clubs and associated bodies, and is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding overall contribution to football in Western Australia.

WAFC Chairman Murray McHenry congratulated Mr Beattie and Mr Davies on receiving the honour and said both were thoroughly deserving of the recognition.

“Jock and John have both given a lifetime of service to football and really embody the dedication and passion that helps make football such an important part of our community and culture,” Mr McHenry said.

“Jock’s life-long involvement with country football over more than 60 years is a real testament to his passion and commitment. He has played such a valuable role in the ongoing success of country football in Western Australia.

“Likewise, John Davies’ 47 years as a Board Member of the WA Amateur Football League, including 19 years as President, is simply outstanding.

“We sincerely thank both for their leadership and the positive impact they’ve had on community football in our State.” 


Yealering Football Club – Wickepin Association

  • League debut and premiership 1950
  • Wickepin Association Fairest and best 1956, three-times runner-up
  • Wickepin Association combined side representative at Eastern Districts Carnival
  • Eastern Districts Carnival B-section fairest and best 1953
  • Yealering Football Club captain/coach – appointed 1958
  • 1958 & 1959 Wickepin Association premiership captain/coach
  • Yealering Football Club Life Member 1963
  • West Australia Football League zoning subcommittee member 1970-1972

West Australian Country Football League

  • WACFL executive 1973-1994
  • Founding junior vice president 1973
  • WACFL Country Liaison Officer 1984
  • 2009 and 2010 played a major role in researching and compiling the country football history book, ‘A Way of Life’, which raised $50,000 for the development of country football.
  • WACFL Life Membership 1993
  • 2012 Order of Australia Medal for services to football in regional areas
  • Current WACFL patron

Paid Player Rules

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 8:42 AM

The WACFL has just passed by-laws regarding the payment of players in Country Football (effective immediately.)

The major components to the Bylaws are:-

  • There is a $3,000 Cap on a team per match 
  • There is a $500 Cap on a player per match unless the player is a player/ coach or deemed a Marquee Player (been on an AFL list, played >50 State League (league) matches or given approval by the WACFL due to exceptional Country achievement)
  • A player who travels >500kms (return) to play in a match can qualify for additional travel money
  • No player is able to be paid a sign on fee
  • No player is able to receive >$100 in best player payments per match

WACFL will carry out Education to Leagues at the AGM, in the Country Club Manual and throughout our 2017 Pre Season Roadshows. There will be Club audits and investigations in 2017.

Clubs found guilty of by-law breaches are liable for a loss of match points and a fine up to $5,000.

Players found guilty of by-law breaches are liable to be suspended up to 10 matches.

The WACFL recommends to all Clubs and Players that they ensure compliance with their legal obligations and seek their own independant financial advice from a qualified professional.

“We believe this will be a significant step in strengthening country football clubs through reducing the inflationary pressures of paid players, equalising competitions, placing the focus on club and talent development and reducing the impost on Football volunteers to fund raise.” WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades said.

To read the bylaws click here

To read the accompanying notes click here



Country Coaching Vacancies

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 9:11 AM

Are you an aspiring coach?

Is your club on the look out for a new coach ahead of the 2017 season?

You will find a number of coaching vacancies from clubs right around Country WA at http://wacfl.com.au/programs/employment/coaching-vacancies

If your clubs has a vacancy it would like to advertise contact wacountry@wafc.com.au 

Help with new Equipment for 2017!

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 3:10 PM

Is your club needing to purchase new equipment in the lead up to next season?

The Department of Sport and Recreations Club Equipment Subsidy is now open for incorporated clubs that have an ABN number. If your club has previously accessed the subsidy your may now be eligible again.

Visit http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/fundi…/clubs/club-equipment-subsidy for more information.

Shaping WA Football's Future

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 10:59 AM

The WA Football Commission is embarking on a once in a generation review of football across the state which kicked off with a “Shaping Football’s Future” discussion last Wednesday evening which included two key not speakers in Simon Lethlean (AFL's General Manager of Game and Market Development) and Gavin Taylor (WAFC CEO).

Firstly from Simon

The AFL has come up with a new strategy following the signing of the most recent TV rights agreement which covers six seasons from season 2017–2022, and will deliver the AFL a financial return of $2.508 billion.

The AFL, under Gillon McLaughlin (CEO) has recently developed ‘6 key pillars’ in which it would like to develop strategy for the benefit of the code, these include:-

  • People - Supporting and developing those that work for the AFL
  • Strong Clubs - AFL Clubs
  • Spectacular Game - continuing to ensure Aussie Rules is a great Sport for players and fans
  • Revenue Distribution - Look at equitable distribution of funding.  Currently the AFL is trying to finalise negotiations with the AFLPA with regards to their piece of the $2.508 billion pie, following that they will set budgets in the other areas.
  • Community Football - which included state leagues, Club football, female football was an area the AFL saw as needing more investment to build health into the code. The national Club football marketplace consisted of 253 Leagues, 2,672 Clubs, 13,873 teams and contributed approximately $2.35Billion to the national economy.  Nationally there was $125 million spent on Community Football (approximately half by the AFL) and potential for increased investment from the AFL.  Simon mentioned how the announcement of the national Female Football League had generated unprecedented PR and goodwill to the industry in recent months.
  • New Fans - Australia has an increasingly large Multicultural population, so strategies to attract these people to the code were considered important by the AFL.

A slide showed that “Australian Football should continue to be the catalyst for healthy and vibrant communities” through:-

  • Being representative and inclusive - embraces gender and cultural diversity
  • Well supported & Sustainable - welcoming, safe and enjoyable environments
  • Strong links between community and elite
  • First Class Competitions - well managed and administered competitions at every level (exciting, even and well officiated)
  • A National code responsive to local needs - football to be at the heart of every community, efficient national structure with investment into communities most at need

Gavin Taylor presented and begun speaking about the size and scope of the WA Football industry and thanked the various football bodies present in the room.

He also reflected on the history of the WAFC and some of the key learnings he had taken out of his first six months in the role of CE of the WAFC.  This presented The WA Football industry with a number of challenges / opportunities to continue to align and develop the WA Football industry, some of which included:-

  • The Talent Pathway
  • Female Football
  • Youth Football Age Group
  • Game day environments
  • More productive relationships with the AFL, WAFL, Districts (including Country regions) and the Affiliates (such as the WACFL)

Gavin gave an update on the ongoing negotiations with the state government around securing funding to support the football industry due to the relocation (and loss of income) from Domain Stadium.  The WAFC was keen to have these negotiations finalised prior to the end of the year which would give the industry clarity around its future.

“In the lifecycle of any sport it is very important to continually review and assess performance and structures to ensure they are relevant for today and also the generations of the future. Since the WAFC’s inception in 1989 it has experienced significant success and growth and we are committed to ensuring this continues. Our focus is on ensuring the football system in WA operates in line with worldwide best practice so that we can ensure the health and success of the WAFL competition, community football, talent development, our AFL clubs and strong grassroots participation. We love footy and want to make sure it is in the best possible shape for future generations.

We also have a clear responsibility to provide talent pathways and quality competitions whilst also recognising the need for alignment and partnerships across all segments of the game. For this to be successful it is important that all levels of WA Football are involved in the review so that it is well-informed and strong recommendations can be made for the future development of our sport. We want to ensure that football remains the number one participation sport in WA and provides the best opportunities for people to get involved in our game and remain life-long participants.” Quotes taken from Mr Taylor from the WAFC Website.

The WAFC felt that now was the ideal opportunity to take a 360 degree review of the structures and running of football in the state to ensure football remains successful and sustainable. The pillars that will make up the review include:-

  • WAFC - its role into the future
  • Participation - review the current health of the game
  • Community Football - our community competitions
  • WAFL Competition - review the health and sustainability of the WAFL
  • Talent Development - review the talent pathway
  • AFL Clubs - review the needs and health of the 2 x AFL Clubs
  • Constitutional Review - review the underlying governance of football

The review will be undertaken by the Boston Consulting Group.

If you would like to contribute feedback to this review you can register by clicking the below link.


Country Football's Unsung Heros

Monday, August 29, 2016 - 2:04 PM

With a number of football seasons now coming to an end and end of year wind ups taking place all over the state, it provides a great opportunity to recognise volunteers and the critical role they playing running local footy each week.

The Kalannie Bulldogs will still be celebrating their grand final win over last weekend and local farmer and WACFL executive member Ian Stanley was recognised by the Central Wheatbelt for his services to the League with Life Membership presentation.  

Stanley will be one of the main drivers in the formulation of the WACFL’s strategic plan to address the many challenges facing country football and lack of volunteers and better support systems will be two of the major issues on the table for the report due early in the 2017 season.

Last Friday, the Lower South West Football League recognised Boyup Brook farmer David Inglis as their League’s Volunteer of the Year at the Tyrepower Medal night in Manjimup.

David carried out a number of roles within both junior and senior football for the Roos throughout the year including playing, coaching, President, ground manager, umpiring and set up and closing the venue.

Additionally, David has been one of the main drivers of the ‘sheep and cattle work’ the club does to raise money to participate each season.  This work includes busy bees amongst the club undertaking crutching, drenching, shearing, feeding and fencing to raise money for the club.

“I was astounded to hear the number of roles David undertook this season to keep football happening and he is one of a number of unsung hero’s keeping football alive in the bush” said WACFL General Manager Joe Georgiades

Another of those unsung heroes was Ardath farmer John Foss who was presented with Life membership at their Millar medal night in the Eastern Districts. John had decades of experience as a volunteer for both the league and Bruce Rock FC and jobs have included Club delegate, League director and president, Umpires director, goal umpire, timekeeper and laundry man for 13 years at the Landmark Championships.

Landmark staff have a strong tradition of volunteering in their community and Jerramungup legend, Neil ‘Omo’ Foreman was presented with Ongerup FA life membership for a volunteer career spanning two decades in which he has umpired, coached, played, been secretary of the League and team manager of the Ongerup’s Landmark side. 

Three cheers to you Omo!

New Holland State side falls to SA

Friday, August 5, 2016 - 9:57 AM

The 2016 WA State Country Program concluded last weekend when the New Holland State team went down to South Australia by 36 points at Adelaide Oval.

The program commenced in February with a player’s camp, followed by games against Claremont, the WAAFL U23’s and the State18’s before concluding at the home of South Australian football.

Coach Craig Walker and his group of assistants had a tough task in finalising the final 22 from a well over 60 players who had been involved with the program.

Many of the final 22 spent the majority of last Friday travelling hundreds, and in some cases over a thousand kilometres, to assemble in Perth for a jumper presentation prior to departing for Adelaide on Saturday morning.

A training run on Saturday afternoon on a muddy Thebarton Oval was the first time the team had an opportunity to train as one and a great opportunity for the players to focus on the job at hand, overturning a four game losing streak to their South Australian counterparts.






(Players training in their home club jumpers)

Final preparations on Sunday were highlighted by the chance to have football royalty, Kevin Sheedy, address the playing group.







(AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy and the playing group)

Focus turned quickly to the game and the opportunity to play on arguably one of, if not the best, sporting stadium’s in Australia.

WA jumped out of the blocks early thanks to a goal to South Mandurah’s Brad Holmes. South Australia hit back quickly however and would take a six-point lead into the first change.

A tight tussle ensued in the second quarter with WA making the most of their opportunities to reduce the margin to two points at the main break, and would have been in front had it not been for a South Australian goal after the siren.

The crowd began to swell after the break, as did the South Australian’s dominance around the contest. SA kicked five goals to two for the term to establish a 19 point three quarter time buffer.

Western Australia wouldn’t lie down easily though, kicking four final quarter goals however South Australia had plenty of answers with a couple of late goals ensuring the major would blow out to six goals and extend their winning streak.

South Mandurah’s Brendon Jones was named as the Terry House medallist as WA’s Best on Ground. Joining Jones in the best players were Halls Head’s Jessie Gribble, Mukinbudin’s Caleb Shadbolt and Baldivis speedster Eddie Dann.

Central’s Paul Mugambwa was the pick of the forwards with three majors whilst Scott Worthington, Holmes and Gribble each kicked two goals apiece.

Although the loss is a bitter pill to swallow for all involved there is sense of optimism about what the future of the program will provide with strong desire from all involved to return better in 2017 and put WA Country Football back at the top of the tree.


Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 10:02 AM

The New Holland WA State County side will be looking to atone for last years thrashing on home soil when they go head to headwith their South Australian Counterparts this Sunday at Adelaide Oval. 

A strong WA squad has been assembeled on the back of the 2016 Landmark Country Championships, with coach Craig Walker and his troops confident of defeating South Australia for the first time in four years.

The match will be live streamed via the SANFL's Youtube page. To watch visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPLE4OmcqMg&feature=em-share_video_user

Bounce down is at 11:50am WST.

New Holland State Country side named

Monday, July 25, 2016 - 11:16 AM

The New Holland State Country Team has been named ahead of this Sunday’s clash against South Australia at Adelaide Oval.

Read More ...

CBH Group All-stars Named

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 1:06 PM

The CBH Group Colts All-stars, the Ken Baxter Medal for Colts Carnival Fairest and Best and the Clem Bray ‘Rising Star’ Medal were named on Saturday night following the first two days of the CBH Group Colts carnival held in Mandurah and Pinjarra.

Peel’s Chad Wrigley (pictured) capped of an outstanding performance to be awarded the Ken Baxter medal as Fairest and Best for Carnival. Whilst his side only managed one win for the carnival Wrigley was in everything, earning votes in three of the four games.

Read More ...

Cavillers Create History with First Division 1 Title

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 11:15 AM

The Peel Football and Netball League have created history, winning their first Division 1 Landmark Country Championships title, defeating South West by 30 points on Sunday.

The Cavaliers went into the decider at Medibank Stadium full of confidence. Unbeaten in their qualifying matches, including a win over the five time defending champions South West in their Regional Clash, Peel jumped out of the blocks quickly with key forward Joel Houghton kicking the first two majors of the game before the clock had reached the four-minute mark.

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Mortlock Reign in Division 2

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 10:28 AM

The Mortlock Football League are the Division 2 Landmark Country Championship winners following their hard-fought 14-point win over Eastern Districts in Sunday’s final.

After narrowly defeating Central Midlands Coastal in their Regional round clash in Wongan hills, Mortlock began their push for a finals berth with a thumping 55-point win over North Midlands on Saturday before a narrow seven-point win over Central Wheatbelt in the trying conditions at East Fremantle secured a spot in the decider.

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South West CBH Group Colts Champions for 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 10:20 AM

South West ascended back to the top of the representative underage ranks with a 16-point win over the Great Southern Storm in the CBH Group Colts Carnival last weekend.

One of the closest carnivals in recent years saw every team win at least one of their qualifying games whilst only one team, the South West, won three out of their four games. In an indication of the carnivals closeness the second finalist was not known until the dying stages of Saturdays final qualifying game between the Regional Districts and Northern Suns.

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CBH Group Colts Carnival - Results

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 11:08 AM

Landmark Division 2 - Results

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 10:52 AM

Landmark Division 1 - Results

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 10:27 AM

A Trip Down Memory Lane- The History of Country Week- Derek Mott

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - 11:18 AM

The first Country Week competition took place in 1912 after the Goomalling Football Association proposed the idea of a Country Week competition to the WAFL, most likely as a result of the success of the Country Week Cricket competition which began in 1907. 

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Country Legend Remembered

Monday, July 4, 2016 - 3:16 PM

The best player on Grand Final Day in the CBH Group Colts Division of the Landmark Championships will be awarded the Kym Curnow Medal.

WACFL and CBH Group made the decision to honour the Esperance legend for his courage as well as services to football and the Esperance farming community.

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Panning for Gold

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 1:38 PM

With the WAFL competition looking as even as it has in years, WAFL clubs will be keeping a close eye on this year's Landmark Championships matches in Perth with some recent recruiting coups from mature country stocks paying dividends.

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Central Wheatbelt Strong Winners

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 10:27 AM

With the blending of Division 2 and 3 at this year's championships, some may have predicted Division 3 sides may struggle in the step up to a combined Division 2. Both Ongerup and Central Wheat Belt dispelled this myth in their first matches of the Landmark Championship.

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Country Colts on Display in Wongan

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 3:25 PM

Four teams of Country Colts descended on Wongan Hills last weekend with the aim of knocking off the GNFL team who have been undefeated in the four previous years of the carnival.  

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Peel Chasing a Big Scalp

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 10:58 AM

The Peel Football and Netball League will be looking to overturn some disappointing Country Week performances in recent times and living up to their undoubted potential as one of the state's strongest country leagues this weekend at Hands Oval Bunbury. 

The match could potentially be a preview to the Division 1 Grand Final as South West look to extend their dominance for a sixth straight year, but will have to do it the hard way if they fail to bank the four points against what looks like an impressive Peel side on paper.

Peel Coach Clayton Falkingham is also in charge of one of the most talented country clubs in the state at Halls Head and is sure to have plenty of aces up his sleeve on Sunday when push comes to shove.

If the match is won in the midfield, Peel look to have a fair chance to win the ascendancy with Jacob Williams in the ruck and star midfielders Brendon Jones, Josh Bowe and former Bunbury gun Jesse Gribble (pictured) all good in and under players. Gribble is a Bunbury local who won a number of Division 1 titles with the South West and is sure to be in the middle of the action as he returns to SWFL headquarters. 

Tom Harper is built like the proverbial brick outhouse and will provide four quarters of grit around the contest and they’ll need Brad Holmes to have a good day in front of goals to capitalise on the hard work up field. Holmes will be guarded closely by South West full back and Landmark fashionista Wil Oelsnik (pictured) who is rarely beaten.

African born South Fremantle forward Paul Mugambwa has been in good touch for Centrals and will enjoy his first taste of Country Week football.  Falkingham will no doubt use Mugambwa up forward and to pinch hit in the ruck as he did at WAFL level.

South West have named 7 under 21's in their squad of 30 and this will be trimmed to 25 by Sunday's match. Kyle Hams, Simon Parry and Michael Florio are all in good touch at club level. Donnybrook's Parry has had an injury interrupted 2016 but has targeted getting back for this match for some time and will provide the South West with some sure ball handling through the mid and half back lines.

Brendan Page has plenty of rep footy experience and can be damaging around the ground. Anthony Tsalikis has been kicking goals at the right time for South Bunbury and will need to kick a few today along with spearhead Leigh Kohlmann who will be keen to cement a state country guernsey with a solid performance.

South West Coach and country footy great Jamie Nani (pictured) will again mentor the South West squad and this Sunday's match up looks likely to give him his greatest challenge whilst in charge of the powerful South West unit.


Winner takes all in Wongan

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 8:57 AM

Four points, pride and pole position to play in a Division 2 grand final will be on the line in Wongan Hills this Sunday as traditional rivals Central Midlands Coastal and Mortlock clash in Regional Round of the Landmark Championships.

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Surprise Selections Front Up in Gero

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 2:48 PM

Country Football journeymen Chris Kane (pictured) will be a suprise inclusion for the GNFL in its Saturday evening match against the Avon in Geraldton.

After having successful stints for both Glenelg and Woodville West Torrens in the SANFL, Kane's first year of country football in 2015 in the SWFL saw him net a Haywood Medal and a League Premiership for Bussleton.  Having moved to Geraldton early in the year, he was an obvious target for the experienced League Coach Dave Fiorenza to approach once he had joined Towns.

GNFL will choose a quick and exciting team and will be hoping to get a jump on the Avon early and get the home side in the match. Former East Fremantle player Leith Teakle will be hoping to add a Landmark title to his football accomplishments and will provide experience around and behind the ball. Former Carlton star, Nick Duigan is also a welcome addition to the side and can pinch hit at either end of the ground. 

Jordan Comeagain (pictured) has been in good touch at a club level and also impressed with flashes of brilliance in a recent State Country trial match.

Saturday's match is certainly shaping as the battle of the fast, free flowing football of the GNFL against the hardened, contested football from the Avon.  Key Avon players Troy Skilton, Nathan De Blecourt and Todd Rogers are all seasoned country players and will all be looking to impart a physical presence on the game.  

Skilton has been used across half back for State Country teams but his experience and tackling will likely see him spending time in the midfield on Saturday.

Rogers can not only stay at home in the deep forward position but is also handy on the lead and will be hoping to kick a bag for Avon. Towns' Rohan Fariss may be called upon throughout the night to curtail the larger Rogers.

Silky left footer Scott Doncon will be looking to hit Rogers up at every opportunity and has the ability to carry the lines with his precision long kicking.

His Keller Tammin Team mate James Venturini will be hoping to impress his former home town as well as state country selectors and is as dangerous as anyone in country football when given room to move. 

The game shapes as the hardest road trip of the 2016 program and if Avon is to win it will set them up beautifully for a Division 1 Grand Final in a few weeks.  For this to happen all their gun players will need to be at their absolute best.





Up Up and Away

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 1:15 PM

Proud Country week League Upper Great Southern will field a strong side this Saturday against Lower South West for the first of their Championship matches.  The side is filled with familiar football names hoping to take the Rams one step better then last years Division 1 Grand Final.

Wickepin's Brayden and Regan Duckworth will continue their football journey together with a Country Week match and will be joined by former Ongerup rep Michael Trevenen who has moved to Wickepin this season.

Upper's will be hard to match in the contested possession stakes with names like Duckworth, Martin, Vernon, Guimelli and the possible late inclusion of Jon Price all in and around the packs. 

Kukerin's Brendon Lim (pictured) was impressive in his State Country encounter a few weeks ago and will collect plenty of possessions through the midfield and across half back. Jarrod Doney has strong country football bloodlines and will also be keen to impress as he steps up to senior representative football.

The Rams will however need to find an avenue to goals with the ever reliable Mark Deaves (pictured) sidelined through injury.

For the Lower South West the league is experiencing an influx in talent in 2016 which will undoubtedly see them field a strong side this weekend.

Mathew Harbeck was the competitions premier player in 2015 and will again be relied upon for a four quarter performance.  

Brett Dobson and Tim Ioannou both have the skills and experience to excel at this level and Imperials forward Arthur Bennel was in good goal kicking touch against the Tigers last weekend and will excite with flashes of brilliance throughout the day.

Lee Luchev and Clayton Giblett are both quality players and will provide headaches for the Rams.

If the game is contested and congested Upper Great Southern certainly has the cattle, but if it turns to a free flowing contest Lower South West may have the talent to cause an upset win.



West Coast Poly Player of the Week - Josh Bowe

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 2:19 PM

Halls Head midfielder Josh Bowe is this weeks West Coly Poly player of the week. 

A member of the New Holland State Squad, Josh kicked five goals in a best on ground performance as Halls Head recorded a thumping 70 point win over Centrals. Josh has been named amongst his side's best in almost every game this season highlighting his ability to perform consistently.

Josh now goes into the running to be awarded the West Coast Poly Player of the Year award which this year is a trip for two to the AFL Grand Final. 

Congratulations Josh.

Don't forget you can nominate a standout performance from someone within your club or league for the West Cast Poly Player of the week award by visiting the link at www.wacfl.com.au

Battle of the Northern Wheat belt

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 12:48 PM

Two of the state's prime grain growing areas will take a break from farming to contest Saturday's Landmark Regional match at Kalannie.

North Midlands will bus it to Kalannie hoping to cause an upset over an improved Central Wheatbelt team.

North Midlands will be without former state country player Matt Burleigh due to injury and look to have chosen a young side in an attempt to run and stun the Central Wheatbelt.

Reece Hutton (pictured) is the NMFL competition’s gun mid and will be combining with Morawa ruckman and teammate Brent Payne. Dongara's Michael Melsom is an outside mid who is always dangerous around the goals and will be looking to leave Kalannie with a bag of them. 

Alan Egan is a player to watch and should provide plenty of excitement throughout the day and league stalwart Brett Broad (pictured) still has a few tricks up his sleeve and will be used across half back. 

Central Wheatbelt look to have some experienced representative players across all lines. Tyson Rowling can contest strongly in both the ruck and attack. Caleb Shadbolt and Blake Smith (pictured) are both in State Country contention and will provide plenty of spring from half back, whilst Luke Yates (pictured) and Josh Munns are both in and under players in the middle of the ground. Anthony Marace and Hayden Cooke are also exciting players and will need to be contained if North Midlands is to take home the chocolates.




Great Southern Keen To Go One Better

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 9:46 AM

Royals FC and Great Southern Coach James McCae, will be hoping to steer his team to a Division Two title after just falling short of the Lower South West in last year's Grand Final. 

The first piece of the puzzle will be defeating Ongerup in Mount Barker on Friday evening, but they will have to do so without the competition's best player Matt Orzel as he recovers from an ankle injury.

After a stint in Division 3, Ongerup look to have a strong side and the game looks to be a genuine 50/50 ball game as the youthful and exciting GSFL matches up against the hardened and experienced bodies of the OFA.  With both regions neighbouring one another, pride will be on the line and both sides looked packed full of quality players.

For the Great Southern, Landmark Carnival stalwarts Ryan Kinnear, Sam Lehman and Graham Ross will again lead a confident Great Southern. Mt Barker big man David Stone will join Albany’s Rick Wallis in sharing ruck duties and trying to combat the influence of Ongerup’s Jayden Brooks, whilst the midfield brigade of Dave Parker, Craig Frost, Matt Smith and Michael McGlade will form the engine room as the side looks to start their carnival campaign with a win at home.

The enigmatic Parker has the potential to dominate the match with his hardness and speed around the packs and will be relied upon to sneak forward and crumb a few goals in what is shaping as conditions ideally suited to his style of football. Royal's rover Michael McGlade is another who will be expected to perform on the big stage for the Great Southern and has the pace to cut the game open if given time and space.

Last year’s Division 3 winners Ongerup will turn to a group of familiar faces to get the job done with State Country regulars Luke Bairstow and Jayden Brooks to again lead the charge. Veterans Ian Lloyd and Aaron Davis have enjoyed great seasons to date and former Hawthorn player Jarryd Morton’s return to his junior club Lake Grace/Pingrup has seen him slot into the experienced OFA outfit.

Two young Ongerup players that need to be watched are Dylan Gilbert (pictured) and Stanly Long-Turner (pictured).  Gilbert was a dominent force in Division 3 last year winning the Jock Beattie medal whilst if Long-Turner can recapture his 2015 Grand Final form he could be the difference up forward.

Prediction- either team under 12 points

New Holland State Country record solid win

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 2:53 PM

The New Holland State Country Squad continued its preparations for South Australia with a solid win over the WAAFL Under 23’s at East Fremantle Oval on Friday night.

An experienced WACFL jumped out of the box early with ten scoring shots to one in the first term, although they failed to make the most of their opportunities kicking a wayward 2.8 for the term. Boulder Tigers Scott Worthington (pictured) was the difference up forward kicking both of the WACFL’s goals.

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WACFL Round Results

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 2:35 PM

WACFL RESULTS – 21/22 May 2016

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Landmark Championships

Friday, May 20, 2016 - 9:36 AM

Fixtures for the 2016 Landmark Country Football Championships have been released with a number of exciting changes set to spice up the 2016 program.

To view the fixtures for Landmark Division 1 click here

To view the fixtures for Landmark Division 2 click here

To view the fixtures for CBH Group Colts click here

The Championships format has chanced for 2016 with key benefits of the changes being:-

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CBH Group State Country Colts vs WAAFL Colts

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 11:55 AM

The CBH Group State Country Colts squad that will tackle the WAAFL Colts this Friday night has been announced. The squad features some of the best 20-year-old and under players from within the 25 leagues throughout country WA. This will be the final component of the CBH Colts program prior to next months Great Southern and Northern Colts carnivals and the Landmark Champinships in July.

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Belt up. Round 21-22 May

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 2:39 PM

This weekend WACFL clubs across the state wll particpate in the Belt up. Round.  This round has a special significance for the10,000 country football players that participate in country football around the state due to the very real threat of road trauma in country communities.  Players will take a minute to not only remember the importance of safety on country roads, but also those who have either been injured or lost their lives on country roads.

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New Holland State Side announced for WAAFL Match

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 11:29 AM

State Selectors have named a powerful side in the lead up to the New Holland State sides trial match against the WAAFL Under 23's on Friday.

The match will be used predominately to look at the better over 25 prospects with an Under 25's side playing the State 18's the following Friday.

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Country flavour in State Academies

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 2:24 PM

The DEPPRO WAFL State 18s and 16s Academies have been named with a number of young men from country WA included in the two squads.

The 2016 AFL National 18s Championships will include five Division One teams – Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria Metro, Victoria Country and Allies, which will consist of the best players from Division Two teams NSW/ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania following their games in May.

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CBH Group Country Colts Curtain Raiser

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 12:44 PM

This Friday the CBH Group Country Colts will play an intra-squad match as a curtain raiser to the West Coast vs Richmond game at Domain Stadium.

The CBH Group Country Colts squad is comprised of some of the brightest young footballing talents from around the State. The intra-squad match is the first part of 2016’s program which includes a fixture against the WAAFL Colts on the 20 May.

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2016 State Country Preliminary Squad Announced

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 1:42 PM


The West Australian Country Football League is excited to announce a preliminary 53 man State Squad for the upcoming season.

The New Holland State Country program kicked off in January with a pre-season camp and has since held a pre-season match against the Claremont Football Club in which the side looked extremely professional. The remainder of the program will see the squad tackle the WAAFL Under 23’s on Friday 20 May, with a quick back up against the WA State 18’s on the 27 May at Fremantle Oval.

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The Importance of Fathers

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 10:10 AM

The Regional Men’s Health Initiative team talk to a lot of blokes, the other side to this is we also do a lot of listening.  One comment that comes up, especially from men of the older generation is “I wish I had spent more time with my kids” or maybe “I spent my life busting my guts working, I missed out on a lot of the little things”.

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Friday, April 1, 2016 - 4:12 PM

Self-confessed ‘football nut’ Derek Mott is set to embark on a football season with a difference in April when he spends 26 weekends travelling to all parts of the state during 2016, which will form the basis for a book on grassroots football in Western Australia, which is expected to be released in 2017.

Mott’s first port of call will be Boyup Brook for their Lower South West F.L. season opener against Kojonup on Saturday April 2 and will culminate with the W.A.F.L. Grand Final on Sunday September 25 after travelling more than 30,000 kilometres.

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AFL Country Match at 'the G'

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 10:57 AM

Kevin Sheedy, the brains behind the AFL’s Anzac and Dreamtime Rounds is at it again. His new project is a ‘Country Match at the MCG’.

This will be a match to celebrate the contribution Regional Australia provides the Country, the AFL and the Community.

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2016 WACFL State Program

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 10:40 AM

2016 will mark an exciting year for the New Holland WA State Country Team with an expanded program to be run throughout this season. It all begins later this month with some of the best country talent available being invited to a 2 day camp in East Fremantle. The camp will aim to give the players a head start on their conditioning, a review of game structures and most importantly a opportunity to get to know their teammates.

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Landmark Re Signs until 2019

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 11:34 AM

THE WA Country Football League (WACFL) is pleased to announce that its long-standing partner Landmark will continue to support the league and grassroots country football until 2019.

The four-year contract extension was signed last week and will take the partnership into an amazing 45th season.
“Landmark is a company with its roots in country WA and we see the WACFL and its network of leagues and clubs as a crucial contributor to the health of regional WA,”

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The Long Game

Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 9:38 AM

The WACFL is entering into an exciting partnership with Directions Workforce Solutions in a bid to attract city based footballers to country areas to take up Appreticeships and Traineeships as well as playing football. 

The idea came about from Directions CEO Ian Eardley who was aware of a large number of city based footballers regularly travelling to the country to play football each weekend, "We thought it made sense if a country community channelled the energy and money they used to pay players into an Apprentiship or Traineeship, it would be a better outcome for all involved.  Not only would the team get a footballer, but the community would get another member or family to intergrate into country life which would have a far greater impact."

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Mark Deaves - West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 9:57 AM

On Sunday afternoon at the WAFL Grand Final, West Coast Poly announced Narrogin Hawk Mark Deaves as the 2015 West Coast Poly Player of the Year. This follows a fantastic year for Mark as he returned to country football full time after several years in the WAFL system. 

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West Coast Poly Player of the Year

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 9:25 AM

The 2015 West Coast Poly Player of the Year will be announced this Sunday afternoon at the WA Country Football Leagues WAFL Grand Final Function. Each week a player who has put in an outstanding performance was nominated as the weekly winner and the overall winner is chosen from these nominations.

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Volunteer of the Year - Rod Atherton

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 10:29 AM

At Monday nights Sandover Medal, Donnybrook Football Club legend Rod Atherton was awarded the Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year. Rod was suprised to win the award and no idea what he was in for when he arrived at the function.

"I came down with Glenn (Omodei) and he told me we were going to sit at the back of the room and have a few quite beers"

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Country Boys Excel at the Highest Level

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 4:22 PM

With the 2015 regular AFL season now complete, it’s a great time to review how some of WA’s Country products have gone this year in the National Competition.

Country Football Leagues continue to be a breeding ground for the competitions elite players and the following side is made up of players that began their football journeys in Country WA.

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Stan Wright Wins Jack Clarke Medal

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 11:58 AM

East Perth player and Dunsborough boy Stan Wright was last night named 2015 winner of the RediMed Colts Jack Clarke Medal with a total of 42 votes.

Wright finished nine votes ahead of West Perth’s Clint Hinchliffe on 33, while Peel Thunder’s Keegan Power came third with 31 votes during the medal count dinner at Domain Stadium.


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Rocket Retires On Top

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 4:16 PM

South Mandurah Falcons will go into the finals of the Alcoa Peel Football Ladder sitting atop the premiership ladder, but if they are to win this year’s hotly contested premiership, they will have to do so with out their spearhead and favourite son Rod Tregenza.  

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WA fall to powerful SA

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 2:48 PM

On Saturday the best country footballers from Western Australia and South Australia met at Bendigo Bank Stadium in Mandurah for the annual clash between the two.

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WA Football Hall of Fame

Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 10:55 AM

Despite the WA Football Hall of Fame night being held in the middle of Kings Park overlooking the city of Perth, there was a strong country feel to the evening as a number of country products were recognised for their achievements in the great game.

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CBH Group Country Colts

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 2:45 PM

This weekends interstate clash won’t be the only match for the day, with the best young country colts taking on  the WA Amateur Football League at 12pm. The CBH Group Country Colts have been selected from the recent Landmark Country Football Championships so all 24 players chosen will come into the match in good form.

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New Holland WA Country State Side

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 2:28 PM

The WA Country Football League is pleased to announce the players who will represent the New Holland WA State Country Side this Saturday, July 25 at 2pm at Bendigo Bank Stadium, Mandurah as they take on the South Australian Community Football League.

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Northern Suns win CBH Group Colts Championship

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 12:22 PM

In 2015 the CBH Group Colts returned to Mandurah for another year of fast paced action. Reigning champions Peel came into the championships under a cloud after not performing to their usual high standard at the Great Southern Colts Carnival earlier in month, but the other teams knew better than to write them off.
The South West are always a strong side while the young Great Southern can also throw up a few surprises, but it was the two amalgamated sides, Northern Suns and Regional Districts, which started the strongest.

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Vale Arnold Byfield

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - 1:49 PM

Bud Byfield 1923- 2015


Country Football will mourn the passing of one of its Life Members this week following the passing of Arnold ‘Bud’ Byfield aged 91.

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Ongerup in Three

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - 1:22 PM

The Fixtures for Division 3 were thrown into a tailspin days out from the Landmark Carnival with the withdrawal of not one but two sides.  The Onshore Cup were set to re-join the carnival however were unable to field a side.  The Hills Football Association has a strong history of attending Country championships and unfortunately also withdraw.

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Home in a Thriller

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 12:02 PM

For those who witnessed the Division 2 Grand Final it will be remembered as one of the best Landmark matches in recent history as both teams hit the lead and lost the lead in the final minutes of the match.

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South West Too Good

Monday, July 13, 2015 - 11:11 AM

South West Footy League were too good for Upper Great Southern in the Division 1 Grand Final to win their fifth straight title.

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Toyota Good For Football Raffle

Monday, June 29, 2015 - 1:22 PM

A number of Country Football Clubs have got on the front foot and are participating in the Toyota Good For Football Raffle which was launched late in May.  The raffle will see Toyota WA put up a prize pool in excess of $60,000 (which includes a new Camry as the major prize) that football clubs can sell tickets to.

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Talk to a Mate Men's Well-being Round

Monday, June 8, 2015 - 12:33 PM

The WACFL and its network of 25 Country Leagues is talking men’s health this weekend as it teams up with the Regional Mens Health Initiative for a state wide round of country football.

Regional Mens Health Initiative Senior Community Educator/ Executive Officer Owen Catto said the round was a great way of getting blokes talking about a range of health and wellbeing issues, “we know it’s natural for men to want to keep things to themselves, but were trying to begin the process of men speaking about their health and wellbeing and also looking out for each other”

The word health is broad one and covers a gamut of topics including mental, sexual, physical and social/spiritual wellbeing issues.  Regional Men’s Health initiative encourages players to consider the negative effects of drugs and alcohol over the weekend and recommends seeking medical help when required.

The Partnership between the Royalties for Regions initiative and football is in its second year and WACFL Executive Member Milton Milloy was confident the messages were getting through “we know there are a number of health messages that affect our community and people in the country, we’re encouraging our network to begin to think of their health as a team rather than as individuals- we know our players will look after their mates on the field, so we’re encouraging them to do that off the field as well.”

As part of the round, all matches will use a ‘Talk to a Mate Mens Wellbeing” match ball and every player will be given a fridge magnet which hopefully goes straight to the pool room.


For more information about Regional Men's Health Initiative contact…..

Owen Catto

Senior Community Educator/ Executive Officer

The Regional Men’s Health Inititaive.

PO Box 768, Northam WA 6401

Phone: 08 9690 2277

Email: menshealth@4blokes.com.au


Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 1:07 PM

THE West Australian Football Commission presents The Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year Award annually to one of 17 regional and district finalists at the WAFL's Sandover Medal count.

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Coaching Accreditation

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 11:52 AM


The quality of coaching is one of the primary reasons why players either continue to participate in Australian Football or give up the game. The AFL together with the State/Territory football organisations recognise that at all levels of the AFL game, the coach has significantly more influence upon players than any other official or person connected with football, hence the requirement for all coaches to be accredited at an appropriate level. 

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