Useful Videos

Below are some useful short videos to assist Leagues and Clubs with the process of running a succesful football competition.

These videos are the property of the WACFL and should not be publically broadcast, reproduced or altereed without the prior consent of the WACFL. 


- A Functioning Committee (J)

- WA Football Landscape at a Glance (J)

- Game Day Environments (J)

- Footy Web for Leagues

- Match Day Management

- Running a Tribunal

- Umpiring (J)


- Successful Club Leadership (J)

- Bringing the Game into Disrepute (J)

- Coaching

- Duty of Care (J)

- Footyweb for Clubs

- Insurance for Clubs (J)

- Match Day Paperwork

- Paid Player Rules for Clubs (J)

- Transfers and Permits

- Volunteering Top 10 (a Guide)

- Club Uniforms (J)


- Footy Web for Online Registrations

- Insurance for Players (J)

- Paid Player Rules for Players (J)

- Social Media

- AFL's Video on Social Media

- Deregistration

- Terms and Conditions of Playing in the WACFL (J)

- Drugs in Sport + ASADA (J)

- AFL's Video on Illicit Drugs

- Vilification in Football (J)

- AFL's Video on Inclusion and Vilification

- Talent Pathway (J)

- AFL's Video on Mental Health

- ASADA' Youtube Channel


- How to timekeep a WACFL match

Sports Trainers

- Concussion (J)

- AFL's Video on Concusion

- Beiersdorf

- Treating a Serious Spinal Injury (J)


- Match Day Expectations

- Match Day Paperwork

- Reports and Tribunals

- Red and Yellow Cards